Jan 12, 2013


On Thursday, January 10, Casey and I visited with the MFM to learn how the babies were doing and get a better idea of the risks of cholestasis, one of which is pre-term labor.
Little did we know that just a short 24 hours later we would be sitting in Labor and Delivery!
At 10:15 on Friday, I was sitting in bed reading a book and all of a sudden felt wet. I had heard of pregnant women peeing on themselves, so my first instinct was to be totally disgusted with myself. Because, I mean really who wets the bed at 28?! I ran waddled into the restroom to get myself cleaned up, but the fluid didn't stop.
At this point I started to realize it was something more, so I shot off a text message to my OB:
and I called Casey and told him to come home. Luckily, we had finished packing this week so we just needed to throw electronics and toiletries into our bag, put the carseats in cargo (because they aren't installed) and we were on our way.
We arrived at the hospital around noon and spent some time in L&D triage getting all of our records up to date and verifying information that had changed since our last visit (At this point, I admit defeat. I'll probably never blog about that Christmas Eve trip.) We got admitted and the first step was to hook me up on the nonstresstest to check the babies and monitor my contractions. The babies looked good but what i had thought were cramps were actually contractions. Next, they checked my cervix and ran a lab test confirming it really was my water that broke.
The results came back pretty quickly (20 minutes maybe?) and I recieved an IV drip, magnesium sulfate, an anti-nausea med, and an antibiotic. Once the line was in, we were taken to an L&D suite.
Once in the suite, steps were taken for me to stay for a while, like inserting a catheter. Umm..wow. It was uncomfortable going in and the pain got more and more unbearable. Contractions with a catheter in had me crying (Literally. Tears.) and begging them to take it out. My whole abdomen got sore to the touch, particularly in the area where the catheter was and the pain intensified dramatically with each contraction. To get it out, I had to agree to the humiliation of bedpans, because I'm not allowed to stand up. It was a great trade! Honestly, I am so past being humiliated or embarrassed at this point. (Okay. Maybe a bit embarrassed that I'm putting this out there for all you People of the Internets.) The contractions continued hard and heavy for most of the night.
I don't remember a lot of last night. I had awful contractions. I cried. I was terrified. I sat with my Mom and Casey. I was in and out of lucidity because of all the drugs. Casey's parents flew home from vacation in California and we were able to seem them right after they landed. Casey's brother rescued our dog and dropped her off at my Mom's. We received hundreds of texts and twitter messages and appreciate them so so much. (I'm just sorry I'm not able to respond to them all individually). I only remember one thing about last night: I knew it would take 24 hours for the dose of the steroids to get to the babies so I HAD to make it 24 hours. (And, I wanted them to get a second round, so really I had to make it 48 hours.)
It was a long night and there were a number of times overnight that I didn't think we'd make it (later learned, neither did my nurse or OB) but we did. Pip and Pop stayed safely on the inside.
Today has been rather uneventful. My contractions have slowed in both frequency and intensity. I got some sleep. Not much, but it's amazing what a little bit of sleep can do! I got the second round of the steroid at 1:30 today and now I'm on track to let this dosage gets its full 24 hours!
I am feeling all of the awful effects of the magnesium sulfate, but so thankful for this miracle drug slowing things down and giving my boys more time. Because my water has broken, I can only stay on the magnesium sulfate for 24 hours due to the risk of infection. Tomorrow afternoon, I will go off the magnesium and lose its magical contraction stopping and we'll see what happens!
Y'all have no idea how much we appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts! God has been with us through every step of this miracle pregnancy and these are two cherished little boys. I know God is great! He is the ultimate Healer has a plan for all of this.