Jan 16, 2013

72 Hours Later

Our two little men are doing incredible and already showing us what overachievers they are. We are so blessed that despite their very early arrival everything is going so so well. Our first 72 hours as parents to these two perfect little boys have been incredible. Their is no better feeling in the world than snuggling with your baby against your chest, except maybe watching your husband snuggle a baby against his!
Casey getting in good snuggles with Pop.
We are in such great hands here at Baylor McKinney and have had truly gifted nurses and doctors working with us and the Ps. We know it is just a matter of time before we are home as a family. Pip and Pop*** have to achieve three milestones before getting discharged from the NICU:
1. Be breathing on their own.
From day 1, Pip and Pop have been breathing room air and never required oxygen or breathing assistance. One milestone down!
2. Be able to tolerate full feeds from either the breast or the bottle.

The boys are still too young to understand latching and sucking and so have feeding tubes, but they have successfully increased their feed amounts each of the last three days of their lives! Today both boys had some "residual" (meaning they had undigested food left in their stomachs after a feed) but we have been assured that this is quite normal with preemies.

3. Be able to maintain their own body temperature.
They are still too small to maintain body temperature, but that will come with time as they get to be chubbier little fellows.
The biggest setback (if you can even call it that) the boys have had is a bit of jaundice, which is to be expected. They are under the lights for the next few days wearing their cool little sunglasses! Sadly, this means we get less skin-to-skin time with them as they don't want them out from under the lights too frequently.
Pip (top) and Pop (bottom) showing off their stylish frames.

Pip (top) and Pop (bottom) under the lights.

***For now, the boys will remain Pip and Pop on the blog, although they do have names. We are still weighing our comfort level with having the babies names out on a public webpage.



  1. Such beautiful little men! Congrats again, you two on your little miracles. So glad to hear they're rocking their NICU journeys so far!

  2. Fantastic news! Strong little feeders & growers!
    Go mama!