Jan 27, 2013

14 Days

The Casses
Two-weeks ago today, at 8:23PM and 8:24PM, two precious men changed our world forever! Our family of three became a family of five (Rory isn't allowed in the NICU so she isn't pictured!). This morning we snapped a few pictures with both boys during the 8AM feeding. It was so fun seeing them interact a bit and look at each other.
Brotherly love.
After spending some time with our boys we headed to Dallas for church at Munger Place. It was great seeing our church family and we were glad to sneak in a visit before the boys come home and we go into quarantine no germs mode.
After some much needed soul rejuvenation, we headed to our house (I had almost forgotten what it looked like. Kidding. Sort of.) and got some house prep done. We checked the mail and sorted through bills, cleared off the bed in the guest bedroom so when the boys come home their Nana and Nano can come help out, continued the work on operation put the house back together post new carpet, etc.
Later in the afternoon, Casey's parents and brother arrived with the cribs! They look absolutely amazing! They are all set up in the nursery and we couldn't possibly be happier. We forgot to take any pictures of the cribs all set up, but maybe it's for the best -- let the suspense build for the big nursery reveal in a few weeks (months?) when everything is finished.
Casey's parents joined us for the 8PM feeding time and it was really special to see them holding and loving on the boys. Their is something so powerful about seeing grandparents with their grandbabies. During their feeds, Pip completed his first full feed from the breast tonight! What an awesome two week birthday accomplishment!
Pip (left) and Pop (right) at two weeks.
Pip giving the pirate eye. Pop is having none of it.
Pip ignored his dinosaur decor but Pop really studied it.


  1. So sweet and so tiny!!! (this is @HasAPeanut btw)

  2. PRECIOUS!!! I could eat them both with a spoon!