Dec 26, 2012

Week 31

Marination Time:
Baby Size:
The Bump tells us that Pip and Pop are each as big as a pineapple and gives an average weight range of 2.5-3.8lbs for this month. BabyCenter compares the boys weight to four large navel oranges, with average weight of 3.3lbs and an average length of over 16 inches. His Boys Can Swim says Ps are each as big as the front tire of a kids tricycle.
Baby Milestones:
Pip and Pop are have five fully developed senses! This week they are going through major brain and nerve development and getting smarter every day. The boys can now turn their little heads from side to side (woohoo neck muscles!). Their arms, legs, and body are continuing to plump out as fat accumulates, so they are losing more and more wrinkles. The Ps are moving a lot, which is a sign that they are active and healthy. They can get enough strength behind their kicks, punches, and rolls that my stomach visibly moves!
Contractions. Tiny Bladder (Seriously. Every. 90. Minutes.) Trouble bending over - as in it doesn't happen. Shortness of breath and easily winded. Bruised and tender uterus causing make me cry levels of pain. Nausea with contractions. Mild indigestion.
How I'm Changing:
My shape has changed again. Pip has dropped very low in my uterus with his head near my cervix. At L&D they found his heartbeat on the underside of my belly. Pop on the other hand has moved a bit higher towards my ribs. They seem to be each claiming their own space!
What I'm Eating:
Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monsters (they stay down!). Applesauce. Greek yogurt (Fage with strawberries). I'm really eating anything that sounds good because I'm really not hungry and when I do eat, there is not a ton of space.
Yet another L&D trip! Ugh. (Details coming soon. Rest assured, I've been released and the babies are okay.)
If you have to spend the night at L&D for Christmas, you might as well be cheerful about it!
My sleep stretches have been getting shorter (this tiny bladder thing is getting old!). But the night after L&D I got a 5hr stretch of uninterrupted sleep. You have no idea how awesome that was!
I am not a huge fan of lunch meat and never really have been, but watching folks eat leftover Christmas ham makes me really wish I could have some! I have to microwave or cook mine.
Belly Button Watch:
My flattie lives on.
What I'm most excited about:
Our new carpet has been installed!
Top Left: Carpet pad laid in the nursery.
Bottom Left: Old carpet and pad hauled off in the hallway.
Right: New carpet going in the hallway.
And we partially assembled the cribs in the room to start working on floor plans for the room.
I also finally caught up on all of Casey's and my laundry and so the next load of laundry I do will be baby laundry! Tiny clothes, socks, and hats. Adorable sheets. And little cloth diapers. That laundry just sounds so much more fun than a load of Casey's white undershirts.
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