Dec 4, 2012

Week 28

Marination Time:
Baby Size:
The Bump tells us that Pip and Pop are as big as an eggplant! BabyCenter says the boys are as hefty as a chinese cabbage. His Boys Can Swim continues to say the Ps are each as long as a man's work boot (although next week it does change its comparison). We have a growth scan on Thursday so we can find out then how they compare.
Baby Milestones:
With their eyesight really developing, Pip and Pop might be able to see light filtering through the womb. I haven't tried it yet, but my baby books recommend shining a flashlight on your belly near where their heads are and seeing if it makes them dance. They continue to enjoy dancing and wiggling to the Rockabye Baby Pandora station. The boys are also continuing to develop millions of neurons in their brains and connecting more and more synapses. In preparation for life in this outside world, they are also adding more body fat and smoothing out their little wrinkles.
Contractions - more frequent and now feeling them more. Dizziness. Tiny Bladder (Seriously. Every. Two. Hours.) Trouble bending over - as in it doesn't happen. Shortness of breath and VERY easily winded. Bruised uterus (thanks Pip).
How I'm Changing:
Sneak peek of our maternity shoot by David Tran. 27w3d
Bigger. Less round - lumpier and more assymetrical. More forgetful. Bruised uterus (seriously! This happens! Not from kicks, but from constant pressure of twins.) Inability to see my own toes.
What I'm Eating:
Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monsters (they are finally back in stock at Target). Milk. Yogurt.

Not much food at a time. I think the babies must be pushing on my stomach making it smaller. I just don't have room to eat much anymore! Lots of small snacks throughout the day.
I am really starting to feel the "I want it NOWS" when it comes to the nursery. I am getting nervous about being the one to decorate. I know we have lots of amazing folks who would help if I get put on bedrest, but I really want to be the one to pick out the art and choose what goes on what wall. This means we need new carpet STAT, so that the furniture can go in, so that I can start hanging things!
Two hours at a time. Max.
I still really miss my feet. In related news, I miss wearing socks. Luckily, I do really love my slippers.
Belly Button Watch:
The full transition to outtie-hood hasn't happened yet, but I think it's coming. My belly button was achy last night, which I've heard is common before it "pops." I'm hoping the pop never comes....
What I'm most excited about:
We went out on Sunday with friends and took maternity photos with the amazing David Tran and should get to see them soon. I am so excited to see how they turn out and know they are going to be amazing (my weekly picture this week is one of them!)
And, oh my word, the crib progress!!! I just can't even describe how awesome they look! Nothing is finished yet, but they have been dry fit (which means assembled together loosely to check fit and size) and are now getting trim. My husband and father-in-law couldn't find the perfect trim for them, so my father-in-law made the dental trim himself. These are two lucky little boys. They are so loved! How awesome does this look:
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