Dec 3, 2012

Pregnancy Surprises

As you all are WELL aware, we tried for a long time before getting pregnant with Pip and Pop, so I had all sorts of time to read up on pregnancy and thought I went in to this with my eyes wide open. Then, I spent all that time on bedrest in the first trimester and read all about twin pregnancies specifically. I knew what foods to avoid, and what foods to eat a lot of (protein!), what activities were ok (useless knowledge due to bed rest, restricted activity, and now my "take it easy" instructions), what vitamins to take, and what medications are pregnancy safe (I read up on this, but honestly still feel clueless!). I educated myself on the pregnancy related symptoms and was prepared for morning sickness, swollen hands and ankles, back aches, breast tenderness, heart burn, pregnancy brain, itchy skin, insomnia, stretch marks and all the peeing. I felt like I had a good idea of what to expect (say it with me) when expecting. But, even with all of my research and preparation, pregnancy has managed to surprise me!
  • My belly. My giant pregnant belly is not "round". At all. Some days, depending on where Pip and Pop are, my belly is really misshapen. It's got strange bumps and angles (from body parts poking I assume) and it's normally skewed to one side or the other. Baby calisthenics mean that adorable round bump just really isn't happening. Relatedly, I'm carrying the twins low, so I hear a lot that I don't look that big (despit the fact that I'm measuring full-term at 27.5 weeks). I never realized how different carrying positions could make you look.
  • Bloody Noses. It is perfectly normal for a pregnant woman to get bloody noses. A lot. As I've blogged about before, my nose has spent most of this pregnancy as a leaky faucet. I had no idea blood noses were a pregnancy thing! Granted, mine were worse than normal, but still I didn't know bloody noses in pregnancy were a thing.
  • People are really, really nice to pregnant ladies. From the salespeople at Home Depot, to the woman at the restroom the other day who basically forced me to go in front of her, to the man who rushed over to pick up my phone when I dropped it at the grocery store, I had no idea I would get such kind, special treatment while pregnant.
  • People are really, really uninhibited around pregnant ladies. I just can't believe boldness of strangers. I had heard horror stories about the things strangers will do and say to pregnant women and I was still shocked anyone could be that bold. From questions about how much weight I've gained, to if I'm sure if they are alive because I don't look big enough to have two healthy babies, to how the babies were conceived, to my planned delivery method, and lectures about anything and everything, total strangers have shocked me!
  • Pimply skin. I had heard that skin can sometimes get better during pregnancy. Since I have PCOS and have always had bad skin, I assumed it would clear up in pregnancy. A bright side, right? Wrong! It got worse!
  • Belly fuzz. There is hair on my belly. Where did it come from? It's soft, blonde, harmless little fuzz that no one but me probably notices. But I notice it! I've grown a coat of fur on my belly. Doesn't my body know the babies aren't kept warm with blankets yet?
  • Pregnancy brain. Yes, I knew this happened. But I really never thought I'd find my phone in the freezer. Or get all the way to the grocery store without a purse. Or have to pull into a parking lot while I struggled to remember where I was going,
  • Boobs. You need to wear breast pads while you are still pregnant. I had never even heard of breast pads before I got pregnant. Now I need them. I didn’t know breast milk could leak. I just assumed it was like a faucet that you can turn on and off. And, of course, it didn't turn on until after the delivery. Yeah. Not so much. And the nipple creams aren't just for breast feeding. Colostrum is hard and causes all sorts of painful cracking.
  • I don't mind when people touch my belly (as long as they ask first!). I always thought I wouldn’t want anyone touching my belly when I was pregnant. It sounded like a complete invasion of my personal space, and it kind of grossed me out. I had never felt the desire to touch anyone's belly. Well, here I am pregnant and I really don't dislike when people touch my belly. I’m still amazed every time I feel a kick or some movement from my sons. It seriously just blows my mind. There are little humans growing inside of me! I think I want other people to share in the miracle with me, even if it does mean a wee invasion of my personal space.
  • Everyone walks really fast. I feel like I’m putting forth enough effort to keep up with the crowd, but I’m getting nowhere in a hurry. And by the time I get there I am seriously out of breath. walking to the kitchen or the potty is truly exercise! Elevate my heart rate, get me breathing heavy level of exercise! I go so slowly and stop so frequently. I don't know how pregnant New Yorkers don't all get trampled!
  • My stomach shrunk. I feel hungry a lot, but after eating just a few bites of food I feel extremely full. My eyes are a lot bigger than my stomach, and I am so disappointed that I am just too full to eat another bite.
  • Overwhelming love. I feel an overwhelming need to protect Pip and Pop. It's hard to describe how you could possibly love someone that you've never even met so much it hurts. I'm constantly surprised by my overwhelming love for these tiny beings that haven't even taken their first breath. I knew I would love them unconditionally. I knew that love would be overwhelming. I just never realized how fiercely real it would be before I even met them! Wow. My baby boys, I love you to the moon and back!
And to think I get to be the mommy to two little boys!

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