Dec 8, 2012

Pip and Pop Growth Update

Pip and Pop are still HUGE babies, each weighing over 3lbs and measuring 12 days ahead!
At Thursday's ultrasound the babies gestational age (time spent marinating) was 28w0d. The typical size for a baby in week 29 is approximately 1,153g or 2lb8oz (2.5lb).
Pip is up over a pound from our last growth scan to 3lb5oz or 1,519g. This is an increase of 486g or 47% in just 20 days. Pop also grew really well this week, gaining a pound as well, and is now 3lb2oz or 1,433g. He is up 477g or 50% in the same 20 day period. They are 96th percentile and 89th percentile, respectively. Big, healthy babies!! (Look at this BabyCenter chart for more information on average fetal weights to see just how big these babies are!)


(Baby A)


(Baby B)

PositionHead Down
Head Down
LocationLeft of my belly buttonRight of my belly button
Placenta Anterior
(in front of baby)
(behind baby)
Average Ultrasound Age
(Gestational Age is 28w0d)
Size Percentile95.91%88.71%
With all of this new information, feel free to update your expectnet guesses, or if you haven't entered go enter your guesses now. The site says you have to register, but it only asks you for an email address and password (no personal information) so that you can go back later and change your guess and so we can contact you if you win! Click here to go over to the game site.
And now a wee bit about me:
I had my Gestational Diabetes test on Thursday at the appointment as well. I am waiting on results from both that test and from the cardiologist. Both should come in sometime middle of next week. I am expecting all to be well, but the waiting is hard!
I saw a different OB for this appointment. She was fine, but certainly not Dr. H. Luckily, seeing this new OB was a one time thing. The practice wants all patients to meet the other doctors before delivery, just in case your primary OB isn't available when you go into labor.
And now the fun part

baby pictures:


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