Dec 12, 2012

Nursery Lighting

Our nursery is a really large room that was previously very poorly lit. It had a one lightbulb boob fixture to light the entire 14.5x13 room. Pathetic!
Not a great picture, but you can see the boob light at the very top.
(And a nice view of Casey's backside while he was laying out stripes!)
Last week, we bought this ceiling fan with a light kit to give better overhead lighting and really like the way it looks installed. We also put in this remote, which has a dimmer on it so that we can choose the brightness in the room during nighttime feedings.
Top: With the light off, you can really see the shape of the fan.
You also see one of Rory's favorite places to sit when he shutters are open.
Left: full brightness. Room is REALLY bright, even with shutters closed.
Right: dim-able light so we can do soft light too
Now that the overhead light is taken care of, we need accent lights. We have purchased and assembled this petrodactly light, which we think we will install over the changing table for some fun glow. It comes as a kit that you assemble yourself. It was NOT easy. So many little pieces! It took me almost two hours one morning. But it looks pretty awesome now that it's done. What little boy doesn't want a flying pterodactyl in their room? Biggest problem: getting Casey to give him up! He wants him flying in the office. Now he needs a name.... Pete maybe??

Source: via Alexis on Pinterest
We also have this adorable nightlight to plug in the outlet right by the door.
Source: via Alexis on Pinterest
The only thing left is a new closet light (going to go with something basic, boring, and cheap) and a floor lamp to put near the recliner.
The floor lamp is causing me all sorts of trouble! I don't want to go with anything too cheap because I am NOT going for the dorm room leaning lamp look. I want something solid that can stand up to two toddlers. I realize no lamp is indestructible and toddlers can destroy anything, but I want something with some heft to it. I have found a few inspiration lamps I absolutely love for the nursery.
  1. Anthropolgie sells a Found & Treasured Floor Lamp which uses repurposed old parts to create the lamp. Seriously gorgeous! Seriously, overpriced. At $1,400 I will continue to admire it from afar.
  2. My next inspiration lamp isn't quite as aggregiously priced, but still WAY more than I am spending on a nursery lamp, even on sale. The Architect Floor Lamp from Ralph Lauren also gives off an industrial feel. The price is all wrong and the wood tone is too dark, but it is certainly inspiring me!
  3. This one from Restoration Hardware has incredible lines and looks like it MIGHT actually be indestructible. I love the aged metal and know it would match perfectly with our cribs. But it looks HUGE. And it is crazy expensive, even on sale. If someone wanted to donate this one, I would happily accept. Even huge, I think it is absolute perfection for the nursery.
So now that you've seen what I'm looking for, here are a few I am considering:
  • I like this one from Pottery Barn Teen (but too much).
  • This one from Ikea has a great shape and price (but nickel is the wrong metal and I'd rather not have to spray paint a brand new lamp)
  • This one from Ikea comes in black and has nice curves (but it looks a bit flimsy - anyone have experience with it?)
  • This one on Amazon might be a real contender (but I'm not sure of the color - our curtain rod and other metal accents are primarily Oil Rubbed Bronze and I can't tell from the image if it matches).
  • I think this one from JCPenney's might work (no idea if wood is right, but love the shape and can handle the price)
  • This one from World Market is pretty gosh darn good too (right price, but again not sure of the wood tone, great shape and lines).
None of these are "just right" though. They are good. They might work. But, I don't feel like I have found the one. So, does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find an industrial looking floor lamp? I would like to stay under $150 (well, I'd like to be under $100 but I haven't found anything I like for that price.)


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  2. Alexis, I've owned both of those Ikea lamps and they tip over if you look at them the wrong way. I've given up on the lamps that telescope over to one side, their center of gravity is completely off.

    My sister attempted a floor lamp in her nursery but once my nephew was crawling, it was far too tempting. He would beeline over to it any chance he had. She ended up choosing two wall sconces and they were incredibly easy to install. So even if you find a lamp you love, it may end up out of the nursery in a few months.

    (I don't know why my name comes up as GFree Bentos....I haven't used that blog in forever. This is Lauren btw!)