Dec 11, 2012

L&D: The Second Edition

After a weekend of nausea and other GI issues, I was hit with vomiting on Sunday night. Fun, right? I was feeling pretty weeny and "off" so ended up at my OBs office yesterday. I saw one of the midwives at the practice who determined I was dehydrated from the stomach bug, so sent me to Labor & Delivery for IV fluids and anti-nausea meds.
Basically, vomiting can lead to dehydration can lead to contractions, and contractions were making me nauseous which can lead to vomiting. They wanted to end this ugly cycle! Sadly, this meant my second trip to L&D of this pregnancy.
I have no idea how I could possibly have been dehydrated - I drink a minimum of 100oz of water a day! But, after just the first liter of saline I did feel a bit better. The contractions weren't as painful and I could feel the boys moving more. The anti-nausea meds also seemed to be helping a lot.
Casey and my mom both came to sit with me and keep me company while I was there. I am so thankful they were there with me to keep me calm! Even though I knew (in my heart and head) everything was okay, it was really hard being in a delivery room in the hospital hooked up to so many machines! I had an IV, obviously, a continual blood pressure monitor, a heart monitor, and on my stomach I had a contraction monitor and heart monitors for both Pip and Pop. All of those wires and contraptions hooked up to me were pretty emotional in a way I really didn't expect. (For more on the crazy emotions, don't miss this post.)
While I was there, they did a fetal fibronectin test. This is a swab that tests for the presence of fetal fibronectin. It has a high incidence of false positives, but if it is negative, delivery within the next two weeks is unlikely. My L&D nurse said a negative test result gives a 90%+ chance that labor will not occur within two weeks. Wikipedia says a negative means a 95% chance of continued baby cooking for the next two weeks.
So, my negative result means two worry free weeks! I left the hospital feeling so optimistic and relieved. It is so liberating to know these boys will keep on cooking through at least 30w and make it until Christmas!
Casey and I in the L&D room. Check out the snazzy Baylor gown!
Then, I started spotting. Bright red. It was just from the cervical exam and has already stopped, but it certainly threw me back down to reality. Even with a 90-95% chance all was well, I still took the spotting hard. It was quite the curveball!
Apparently I should just get used to worrying.

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