Dec 6, 2012

Dear Pip and Pop

Dear Pip and Pop,
We have made it to the third trimester and are now in the homestretch. It feels like just yesterday we were sitting in the doctors office praying our first ultrasound would show a healthy baby and a heartbeat. We had no idea we would be blessed with two! When we saw your two healthy heartbeats beating side by side my heart "grew two sizes that day." So, not only is my stomach larger, but my heart is too. It has grown exponentially in order to hold all the love I have for both of you, and this is before I have even met you!
Another sneak peek from our maternity shoot with David Tran
I pray that I have done a good job helping you grow, providing you a great home, and protecting you over the past months and that I’ve given you all you need to come into this world healthy and strong. While I have absolutely loved being pregnant (and pray I stay pregnant until you are full term at 37 weeks! Are you listening? No early arrivals boys!), I am eager to meet you both. I want to know everything about you. I know that time will come soon enough and you will make your debut into this world, so, until thlen, I have truly loved this pregnancy and I cherish each moment of it. I love feeling your wiggles and kicks. I love having you close to me and protecting you at all times. I love our private afternoon dance parties. I love knowing that my body is helping you grow and keeping you safe and warm. These months have been such a wonderful blessing and I am so very grateful for every single day. I am so eager to know each of you as the amazing individuals you are, but I know that I will miss this time with you inside of me.
I just can't even imagine how much you two are going to change my life when you come. I know that things will be different. I know things will be hard. But, above all, I know things are going to be wonderful. I dream about kissing your little fingers and toes. I think about looking into your little eyes and wonder if they will look more like your Daddy's or mine (or maybe one of you will resemble Daddy and one will look like me!). I want to breathe your baby scent. I imagine hearing you cry and seeing you smile. I want to be there when you get all mad and red. I want to hold you and bond with you for the first time. I imagine the sweet babies you will both be, the active boys you’ll turn into and the trouble you will find, the strength of character you will develop, and the strong confident men you will one day become.
Boys, your Daddy and I waited for you and prayed for you for a long time. I praise God and give Him thanks each and every day for bringing both of you into our lives. I am even grateful for the journey we took to get to you. From the pills and shots to the heartache and tears, I know each step of this journey is what brought us to the two of you. All of the things we went through have made your Daddy and I appreciate you even more Pip and Pop.
We will give you boys a gift: parents who truly love, desire, respect, and cherish one another. We will love and cherish you and raise you both to be warriors in Christ's name. Your Daddy and I have so much love to give you boys. We want to be examples of Christ's love for you. We promise to love you unconditionally. We promise to support you in all that you do. We promise to always be there cheering you on. We promise to teach you everything we know. We promise to be the best Mommy and Daddy we can be.
My darling baby boys, take advantage of these next 9 weeks and grow chubby, strong, and healthy. Your daddy and I are so ready to meet you and spoil you rotten. I love you more and more with each passing day and I know your daddy feels the same way. But, before you come, your daddy and I have a lot of work to do. We want everything to be ready for you, so take your time and keep on growing. Let's just enjoy these last two months together. I'll keep protecting you and giving you all the red meat and protein. You keep doing your baby calisthenics and karate kicks. I'll keep playing you Rockabye Baby on Pandora and you keep throwing baby dance parties. When it is time for you to get here, your daddy and I will be waiting. We will bring you both home and introduce you all the friends and family that have waited for you as long as your Daddy and I have. Your room will be ready to welcome you. Daddy and I will be ready to welcome you too! Little adored ones, I love you so much! I count the days till you are home and in our arms. Your Daddy and I will be the happiest proudest parents in the world. We will love you boys with everything in us. Until we meet, I will be loving you more and more every day.
I love you to the moon and back,

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