Nov 27, 2012

Week 27

Marination Time:
Baby Size:
The Bump told us that Pip and Pop are as big as a rutabaga (which was the BabyCenter fruit a few weeks ago!), while BabyCenter says the boys are as hefty as a head of cauliflower (or approximately 2lbs, which Pip and Pop exceeded in week 25). His Boys Can Swim continues to say the boys are each as long as a man's work boot.
Baby Milestones:
Last week, Pip and Pop were getting closer to opening their little eyes and had fully grown eyelashes to protect those baby blues when they open them. Well, this week they are open!

Pip and Pop are now sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing their little eyes, and maybe even sucking on their tiny little fingers. They are continuing to take "breaths" by inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid and teaching their lungs the breathing movements they will need on the outside. In fact, they are capable of breathing (with medical assistance) on the outside. Their brains are continuing to develop brain tissue and getting more and more active as the synapses connect. I am trying to stimulate them with good classical music!
Contractions - more frequent and now feeling them more. Dizziness, but not as bad. Tiny Bladder (Seriously. Every. Two. Hours.) Tired. No, make that exhausted. Trouble bending over. Shortness of breath and VERY easily winded. The walk to the bathroom from my bed at night feels like a serious workout. Tenderness/soreness on my left side (3ish inches above pelvic bone and 2ish inches in).
How I'm Changing:
Bigger. Less round - lumpier and more assymetrical. More forgetful - seriously it has gotten worse! I go back to the cardiologist end of this week to run a few tests to confirm his diagnosis that my body is working hard and tired but healthy. (More here.)

I'll be back later to add a photo. I totally forgot to take one yesterday and right now this shirt doesn't cover enough belly for public viewing. Updated: photo added on 12/28
What I'm Eating:
Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monsters (when I can find them, Bolthouse Farms or Lucerne when I can't). Cheese. Red meat. Milk. Pumpkin Pie.
I am annoyed by just how useless I am. I have things that NEED done like cleaning out my closet that are just taking forever!
Back to two hours at a time.
My feet! I can't see them. And putting on socks is some serious acrobatics and quite the workout.
Belly Button Watch:
Been an innie all week! Victory!
What I'm most excited about:
My second baby shower is coming up on Saturday!! And then my final shower is Wednesday! These boys are already so so loved!
And I'm in the third trimester!! No more than 10 weeks until we meet Pip and Pop (and ideally no less than 5 weeks).
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