Nov 13, 2012

Week 25

Marination Time:

Baby Size:
The Bump told us that Pip and Pop are as big as cauliflower, while BabyCenter compares their size to a rutabaga. His Boys Can Swim moves on from an over-inflated football to describe their size this week and now says the boys are each as long as a man's work boot. I thought I had an ultrasound this week to check how Pip and Pop are growing, but a recheck of my calendar shows it is just a check-in with no scan. Sad news.

Baby Milestones:
Pip and Pop are fattening up - of course, I can't write this without thinking of the old witch in Hansel and Gretel fattening up the kids! They are trading in their long, lean figures for a bit of baby fat. This will help smooth out their wrinkled skin and give them the cute plump newborn baby look.

Painful uterus. Contractions. Tiny Bladder. Tired. Trouble bending over. Nauseous. Crazy, crazy amounts of cm. Cramping in my abdomen area (higher than a menstrual cramp would be). Heaviness and pressure around my pelvis. Any tiny cut bleeds forever. A few nose bleeds.

How I'm Changing:
Rounder and bigger again. Strangers keep asking if I'm going to deliver in the store (umm...weird) and when my delivery is scheduled for (scheduled? Doesn't baby normally choose that?). I'm not THAT big yet people! These boys need to keep on growing for at least another 5 weeks and hopefully another 12 weeks!

By popular request, a return of the low quality iPhone self-portrait. Take a look:

What I'm Eating:
Red meat. Fruit. Milk. Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monsters. Green Beans. Cheese.

I literally can't bend over. I don't know how they have shifted or moved, but I cannot physically bend anymore. Sitting straight in a chair is difficult and uncomfortable too.

I'm also very frustrated by how rarely I feel Pop move. Pip is a kicker and a wiggler and I feel him all the time, even with an anterior placenta which should be absorbing some of the movement making him harder to feel. It makes me very uncomfortable that I don't feel Pop very often. Is everything okay in there?!

I am sleeping very fitfully. Really struggling to stay asleep and fall back asleep after I wake up. I complain about this every week, but I have to confess I'm not doing anything to fix it. I like sleeping in my bed next to Casey so I haven't tried any of your solutions like sleeping in a recliner. I just complain.

This sounds silly, but I miss "my shows" (said in Nana's Scottish accent!). Our DVR is really backing up and most of what is on it are my shows not our shows. I used to watch these in bed while Casey spent an hour or so winding down on his computer. I keep falling asleep and never finishing shows so our DVR is backing up further and further. I know that after the boys come this is only going to get worse so I'm trying to decide which shows to just stop recording.

Belly Button Watch:
We're changing words here...Flattie. It's not an innie anymore. UhOh! This is making me a bit nervous. Have I mentioned I think outties are oogie?

What I'm most excited about:
We spent Saturday in class learning about multiples and how to prepare for multiples. I know it made everything much more real for Casey, and resulted in a picture I just can't stop staring at (seriously go look at the pic on that post!h. Every time I see this (which is a lot because I made it my iPad homescreen) it just melts my heart. If a picture of Casey and a doll is doing this to me, how will I be when I see him holding our babies!!

We also have friends coming over on Sunday to help us get the nursery painted! Eeek! Casey and I got two of the five stripes done on Saturday night and are going to try and do the other stripes this week so on Sunday we can get the main Walsh completely finished!

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