Nov 12, 2012

Preparing for Multiples

On Saturday, Casey and I went to our first baby class! We opted to do the 8 hour multiple class that gave a brief overview of many topics:
  • normal pregnancy symptoms vs concerns
  • pre-term labor
  • delivery of multiples (both vaginally and via C-section)
  • postpartum recovery and the importance of skin to skin contact within the first few hours
  • NICU time (it's emotional toll, effect of lactation, etc)
  • lactation (after vaginal, after c-section, for a preemie, for a NICU baby, tandem, etc)
  • taking care of Mom and Dad after multiples
  • baby care
  • baby massage

We took the class at Texas Health Resources Dallas (previously known as Presby Dallas) and intended to do an in depth blog post about what we learned.
But, I'm not going to.
The biggest reason: we learned so much that to type everything we discussed would take all day. It was 8 hours (well 7 hours because of lunch) of valuable information and discussions. It was also a very question and answers based class with people asking personal questions. While I'm sure none of those other four couples read my blog or know anything about me, it seems unfair to blog about things they asked. My last reason for not doing an in-depth post about our class is because the instructor asked us not to. Well, she primarily asked for no video or audio recordings to be posted, but I feel it does her a disservice to attempt to summarize all of the amazing material she discussed here.
If you are expecting multiples and live in the Dallas area, Casey and I would both highly recommend this class!
During the class, we were given Pip and Pop to practice baby care.
Casey holding a baby.
Twin boys: Pip and Pop
And holding those little dolls made it all very real to Casey that two little boys are soon going to be ours! The class would have been worth it even just for that.

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