Nov 17, 2012

Our Big Dinosaurs

I got to see Pip and Pop again yesterday during our ultrasound and check out their growth progress. They are still our big as dinosaurs babies!
At today's ultrasound the babies gestational age (time spent marinating) was 25w1d. The typical size for a baby in week 26 is approximately 760g or 1lb7oz. But Pip and Pop are far from typical!
Both already weigh over 2lbs! (Look at this BabyCenter chart for more information on average fetal weights to see just how big these babies are!) These are two big healthy baby boys! We couldn't possibly be happier that they are doing so well.
Pip is up a full pound from our last growth scan to 2lb4oz or 1,033g. This is an increase of 1lb (more specifically 443g), or 75.1% in just 24 days. Stated differently, in 24 days time Pip has shown 26 days of growth.
Pop is growing a bit slower and has increased 68.0% to 2lb1oz or 956g. Although Pop's growth relative to Pip's has slowed down a bit, given his overall size this isn't a concern at this point. Pip's growth is right on track with 24 days worth of growth in the 24 days between growth scans.


(Baby A)


(Baby B)

PositionHead Down (called Vertex)head resting directly on my cervix Sideways(called Transverse)head smushed towards my spine
LocationFairly centered (a tad left)Directly under my ribs
Placenta Anterior
(in front of baby)
Posterior(behind baby)
Weight2lb4oz (1033g)
2lb1oz (956g)
Average Ultrasound Age (Gestational Age is 25w1d)
Size Percentile97.43%89.27%
With all of this new information, go enter your guesses on when the Ps will come and how big they each will be. The site says you have to register but it only asks you for an email address and password so that you can go back later and change your guess and so we can contact you if you win! Click here to go over to the game site.
And now a wee bit about me:
Because the boys are so big, I am measuring REALLY big. My fundal height is just over 35cm, which for a woman pregnant with a singleton would be right on track for 35.5 weeks pregnant. This means I'm measuring 10 weeks ahead. I was told to expect 4-8 weeks ahead because of twins - but I guess those extra two weeks are attributed to really big babies.
I am still not putting on weight. I eat steak 1-2 times a week. We add protein heavy red meat to almost everything. I drink two protein shakes a day (in addition to meals). I eat cookies with icing. Despite all of that, I am only up 14lbs so far this pregnancy. Once again, Dr. H made me feel better about the lack of weight gain. I am eating LOTS, often, and high calorie/high protein. The babies are doing great. I am supposed to just keep doing what I am doing.
My blood pressure is still being completely controlled by limiting my activity level and listening to my body. My cervix remains long and lean. I was told to just keep doing what I'm doing and listening to my body.
I am also going to go see a cardiologist for my heart rate stuff. Hopefully I can get squeezed in this week but because of the Thanksgiving Holiday I might have to wait another week. Update: I have an appointment for Tuesday. I'm nervous about going. What if something is wrong with my heart?! My dad passed away from a sudden heart attack when I was 18. Like me, he had low blood pressure and wasn't significantly overweight. I know this is probably just a precaution, but it is still a bit nerve wracking. Dr. H wants someone to monitor my heart rate and how high it is getting, particularly with movement, and verify everything is okay.

Such praises to God that everything seems to be going well! And continued prayers that the boys stay healthy and make it to a safe delivery date.
And now the fun part

baby pictures:

Pip is laying head down (vertex) with his face towards my front and using my cervix as a pillow. In the picture he has his little arms up boxer style: "Wanna fight?"
Pop is laying sideways across my ribs (transverse) with his head facing towards my spine. Since he is facing backwards, no cute profile shot of Pop today, but you can see his spine which is pretty cool to look at.

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