Nov 9, 2012

Fragments for Friday: November 9

Sometimes things happen throughout the week that are interesting and blog-worthy, but they just aren't a full post. Fragments for Friday to the rescue! All of those random thoughts collected over the week can go in one place: Fragments for Friday. Not a Myrtle and I are so excited so offer you the chance to link up and share your Fragments for Friday. So jot your notes and link up!

  • I know some of the worlds most amazing women. I am so so grateful for all of the women who organized and attended my baby shower on Saturday. It was such a blessing!
  • Really looking forward to baby pictures, sonograms and engagement pictures on FB starting again now that the election is over. I'm ready for the political nastiness and name calling to end! I'll even the annoying FB memes and "like this if" posts.
  • A sweet friend gave me the first few episodes of Downton Abbey Season 3. It is taking every bit of my willpower to not watch them all right this second.
  • We have first names for Pip and Pop! (Well, they could turn out to be middle names, but we have the names they will go by.) Sorry y'all...this post holds and we aren't sharing them quite yet. Once we have the full names we will share monograms though.
  • The Connecticut Milled Maple for our cribs arrived this week. It came from the east coast and got a bit delayed by Sandy, but thankfully shipped out before the blizzard hit. Construction starts Sunday!
Left to Right: (1) Close up of wood grain
(2) Wood boxed up when it arrived from Connecticut
(3) Pretty wood sitting out ready to become a crib!
  • If you read the blog in a reader, you might not realize it has a new design, layout, and name. Exciting changes! Hop on over to the page and check it out. I am considering changing to a self-hosted blog, but at the moment that is above my skill level.
  • I spent Sunday night in Labor and Delivery at Baylor McKinney. Thankfully everything checked out, but we had a fun little adventure.
  • I have started slowly looking at the cost of part-time daycare around us trying to determine the best time to finish my PhD and then start teaching. I am DEFINITELY finishing my PhD. I have worked too hard and come too far not to. But, looking at the cost of daycare I might not be using my PhD at all. If I were to get a job at one of the local community colleges, my salary would BARELY cover daycare after income taxes are subtracted. Add in gas, dry cleaning, and other expenses of working and I would be paying to work! Apparently, most over educated mom in playgroup is in my future.
  • Don't miss out on today's other post: Twin Registry Checklist (I know how awesome am I putting up two posts in one day!  You're welcome.)
  • My belly button is completely flat. It's not so much a button as it is a line at this point. I sent a picture of it to Casey when he was traveling (sorry skin pictures aren't for the blog, even if they are zoomed in on my belly button!) and he thought it was funny. I have news: it is isn't funny. Not at all.
  • I can't stop looking at these two car seats in our game room. They are meant to hold tiny little people. Those two tiny little people are going to use them to come home. Home to my house. Which will be their house too. It's all so very very mind boggling! I just can't even process. All I can do is keep staring at those two tiny car seats.
Two Cybex Aton Car Seats, ready for use!
  • I truly believe in the power of prayer and know that God listens and responds. He is all-powerful, all-wonderful, and all-capable. He is capable of infinitely more than infinitesimally more than we can even imagine (Ephesians 3:20). On my heart:
    • My sister underwent knee surgery yesterday. She is now back home and recovering well!
    • My brother is waiting for test results to come back following severe sinus headaches since August. We are hopeful all of these tests are for nothing, but would appreciate prayers during the waiting.
    • The Eastern Seaboard of our country as it continues to recover from Frankenstorm Sandy and now is dealing with Winter Storm Athena and multiple inches of snow. Many areas of New Jersey have had 10+ days without power and even folks whose power was restored are at risk of losing it again as tree limbs fall under the weight of the snow and trees continue falling from the severity of these storms.
    • Jenny's Dad who suffered a heart attack two weeks ago is out of the ICU and recovering at home! Praise God!
    • A friend (my best friend's SIL) who is now pregnant after IVF.
    • Casey and I are involved in a Kitchen Group at our church. These are life groups centered around the question "How is your life in God?" Every week the people in our group open up to each other about our highs, lows, prayer lives, joys and concerns. The things said at group are said in confidence, but some of these individuals have had a special place in my prayers this week.
    • Drake and Kennedy Gilstrap. Kennedy is home living with her grandparents while Drake is still in the NICU recovering from surgery. He is a little champion and will be heading home soon! These two sweet children have been on my heart and in my prayers constantly since the end of June. It is such a miracle to see them both doing so well!
    • Numerous twitter friends going through infertility treatments, pregnancy complications, bed rest, waiting for adoption or surrogacy, and the struggles of raising kids. This week I have been praying daily for Suzy (@NotAMyrtle) who is going through a lot. Her mom has shingles and that is a huge weight. Suzy and her husband have also started researching foster to adopt programs. I am so impressed by their faith and ability to discern God's voice and hear that call!

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  1. I am seriously impressed you guys are building your cribs. And how sweet is it to know that those car seats will soon hold to very precious baby boys!

    Happy Friday my friend!