Nov 23, 2012

Fragments for Friday: November 23

Sometimes things happen throughout the week that are interesting and blog-worthy, but they just aren't a full post. Fragments for Friday to the rescue! All of those random thoughts collected over the week can go in one place: Fragments for Friday.
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A corner of the nursery!
One wall is painted in stripes while the other three are taupe.
  • On Tuesday our drywall in the sunroom was repaired. Thirteen months since the hail storm that destroyed our roof the first time and five months since the hailstorm that broke every skylight in our house (6 of them!) and our house is finally back together! Casey painted the ceiling on Wednesday and it is ready to get pictures back on the wall and put the furniture back.
  • Let's talk dinner versus supper. Casey and I shared a rousing conversation about the usages of these words. He says they are synonyms both meaning evening meal. I say not. I say dinner is the largest meal of the day and so supper is only appropriate with a big lunch (then called dinner) and light late meal (then called supper). So Casey: breakfast, lunch, dinner and breakfast, lunch, supper are both okay and mean the same thing. Me: you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner or breakfast, dinner, and supper.
  • A few weeks back I pinned an adorable maternity Thanksgiving shirt. When I went to buy it, the seller wasn't willing to customize it for twins (sad!). I wasn't willing to pay $28+$5 in shipping for a shirt that I'd wear one weekend and didn't reflect both my boys. So, I made one myself! Happy Thanksgiving!
Full of thanks.
(And by this point turkey, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, pie and thumb print cookies too!)
  • Our crib mattresses arrived this week! I totally spent time dragging the boxes around the nursery visualizing different room layouts and taking a few photos of different arrangements to show Casey. This method is a lot better than the cut-out paper squares I started with!
Playing with my furniture cut-outs.
I got fancier and switched to
Then, I started just dragging the mattress boxes around.
  • I truly believe in the power of prayer and know that God listens and responds. He is all-powerful, all-wonderful, and all-capable. He is capable of infinitely more than infinitesimally more than we can even imagine (Ephesians 3:20). On my heart:
    • My brother finally got results back from his repeat MRI. He is now going for a second opinion. Continued prayers for him, his wife, and their two little girls.
    • Numerous twitter friends going through infertility treatments, pregnancy complications, bed rest, waiting for adoption or surrogacy, and the struggles of raising kids.
      • This week I would like to once again raise up @When20Meets30 who has had two cerclage procedures and been on bedrest for a few weeks now. At her appointment this week she was told her cervix has shortened even further to 0.38 at 21w. She is in the hospital until her babies are born. Prayers they stay inside until at least viability at 24w.

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  1. Sorry, I'm with Casey, dinner and supper are the same thing! Lol

    You should totally have made that shirt earlier and worn it all month long! :-) How'd you make it btw? Very cute!

  2. Ouch! Casey's first vote.....

    The shirt was really easy! Designed it on the computer and printed on transfer paper then just ironed it in to a t-shirt I picked up at Target. The transfer paper came five sheets to a pack so I'm starting to think of Christmas shirt ideas!