Nov 16, 2012

Fragments for Friday: November 16

Sometimes things happen throughout the week that are interesting and blog-worthy, but they just aren't a full post. Fragments for Friday to the rescue! All of those random thoughts collected over the week can go in one place: Fragments for Friday.

Not a Myrtle and I are so excited so offer you the chance to link up and share your Fragments for Friday. So jot your notes and link up with us!

  • We had a drywall repair person in this week to repair the hallway and sunroom ceilings from all of our leak damage now that the roof is (finally) no longer leaking. This means I can put the sunroom back together now and put all the furniture back on the patio! At some point the ceiling needs painted, but looking at our weekends I doubt we will be tackling that before the boys arrive.
  • I work part time in the children's program at our church, Munger Place. Each month our curriculum has a "Big Idea" and this week we used the big idea to create a monument to God using 12 "stones" to represent the 12 tribes, just like the Israelites did after Joshua led them across the Jordan River. I am in love with this monument the kids built!
  • We set up an online guessing site to enter your expectations for Pip and Pop. We would LOVE for ALL of you to play along! Go to to enter your guesses.
  • On Saturday, I said the boys names out loud in a conversation with Casey. Right after I said their names, both boys kicked at the same time. That never happens! Usually movement is one at a time. Of course, Casey is no longer feeling confident about our names and added a new consideration to the mix. Will both twins feel special if one has a family name and one has a random name we like? I think we are back to the drawing board! Naming a baby is really hard work! How did all of y'all pick your kids names?
  • I finished my thank you notes from my baby shower in McKinney and went to post office to buy stamps and mail them. After I dropped them in the post office mailbox, I realized I never put return address labels on them! I hope all of the addresses were correct because mushy pregnancy brain struck again.
  • I am seeing lots of holiday posts and photos of trees and decorations appearing on Facebook and Twitter this week.  I am beginning to wonder if I am going to regret not putting out any of our trees this year.  Maybe we should put out just one of them?  But, my reasons for not decorating are so very very valid!  We have so much to do between now and Pip and Pop's arrival that to spend two weekends (one up, one down) on decorations is really not our best use of time.  Remind me of this in two weeks when I am sad our house has no holiday cheer.
Our formal tree and Snow Village last year.
  • I have posted about my love of Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster drinks before. This week I went to NINE (yep, that's right, nine!) different stores before I found any to buy. My normal purchase spots were both sold out. (One mentioned they were out because someone keeps buying 4-5 at a time -- meekly points to myself.) Not being able to find these is pretty much tragic. High protein, high calorie, taste good, stay down -- my perfect food!
  • During our multiples class on Saturday, I took a picture of Casey holding a baby. It is now my iPad background and every time I see it, my heart absolutely melts. I cannot wait to see Casey as a Dad!
  • I truly believe in the power of prayer and know that God listens and responds. He is all-powerful, all-wonderful, and all-capable. He is capable of infinitely more than infinitesimally more than we can even imagine (Ephesians 3:20). On my heart:
    • My brother got his MRI results back on Tuesday and his doctor is rescanning. So once again we are waiting. Prayers for him and his wife through this uncertainty!
    • A friend (my best friend's SIL) who just found out she is having twins!
    • Drake and Kennedy Gilstrap have both been released from the hospital!! These two sweet children have been on my heart and in my prayers constantly since the end of June.
    • Numerous twitter friends going through infertility treatments, pregnancy complications, bed rest, waiting for adoption or surrogacy, and the struggles of raising kids.
      • This week I would like to raise up @When20Meets30 who has had two cerclage procedures and been on bedrest for a few weeks now. At her appointment this week she was told her cervix is continuing to shorten and us now at 0.98cm at 20w pregnant (want it above 3cm).

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  1. Happy Friday! I understand why you aren't putting up trees. Makes perfect sense! Maybe you can get a tiny little potted pine tree to put in the house so you have a little something?

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I've only ever not put up a tree once and that's because we were out of town for half of December. I can't imagine not having one up for the holidays, sans kids or not. I agree with Suzy, maybe get a potted pine with a little lights or something. Easy, festive, and cheap.

    As far as baby names, our children seem to be ending up with family middle names and random-ish first names. Could you go that route? Our boy's first name is German (NYEBoy is half German) but our girl's first name is random/unique.

    If we end up with multiples or more than one child later on, we'll probably continue the trend of non-family first names and family-middle names.