Nov 20, 2012

Cardiologist Update

I spent the afternoon today meeting with a cardiologist. Interesting times. Honestly, seeing a heart specialist isn't something I want to have a reason to do, but I am so thankful I have an OB who is taking every precaution to keep Pip, Pop and I safe!
Basically, the cardiologist, Dr. S, repeated what my OB thought. None of my readings (EKG, heartrate, etc) are high enough to indicate an urgent heart issue, but my numbers are higher than he would like to see, even in a pregnant patient. Dr. S said my heart rate is a tinge higher than his "threshold" but that since I'm carrying twins and my heart is pumping for three it's probably no big deal. Whew!! That's what I like to hear!
As a precaution I will have an echocardiogram and wear a 24 heart monitor one day next week. Dr. S is so confident this is just precautionary that we didn't schedule the customary two month follow up even!
His overall opinion (which might change after the rest of the tests come back) is that my heart is working really hard but not showing signs of weakness. Dr. S said I should take it easy and listen to my body, which might mean self imposing rest time throughout the day (sounds a lot like the restricted activity my OB already has me on!). This should help with the dizziness and shortness of breath and heart pounding through my chest.
Woohoo for a healthy heart! Woohoo for great doctors taking really good care of Pip, Pop and I!

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