Nov 29, 2012

Babies and Bruises

I spent a good chunk of today at my OBs office. I have a really sore and tender area on my uterus between my pelvic bone and belly button. It is in the wrong spot for round ligament pain or another musculoskeletal issue so it didn't feel "normal". I was (am) in so much pain and it kept me awake at night. Every time I twist, bend, roll, slouch forward, sit straight, or do anything that puts pressure on this area, the pain gets worse. And let's not discuss the pain level when the dog tries to climb into my lap and steps on it!
So off to see Dr. H I went.
It turns out that Pip has been hanging out in the same area with his head down long enough that the pressure from his hip rubbing has caused a bruise on the inside of my uterus!
Sadly, their is nothing that can be done for this. Unless Pip decides to move (and he has been happily kicking away in that spot for about 10 weeks, so unlikely), he will continue to apply pressure to the bruise and not give it a chance to heal. As he grows and gets stronger, it is more likely to get worse than better.
So, these boys are LITERALLY beating me up! Already little trouble makers!

Who knew the inside of your uterus could bruise?!? Not this lady. Consider my mind blown.


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