Nov 5, 2012

Adventures in Labor and Delivery

I planned on spending yesterday afternoon uploading photos from the camera and writing a blog post about my (absolutely amazing!) shower on Saturday. But plans change. Instead, after Casey left to go work on baby cribs, I set up camp on the recliner in the living room with my boppy body pillow, a big warm blanket, two full Camelbaks, my iPad, and the TV remote. I felt weak, dizzy and just "off".
At 4:00, I was still feeling weak and dizzy. I also noticed that on all of my blood pressure readings from the afternoon, my blood pressure was perfectly fine, but my pulse was racing (always above 100, got as high as 127). Even our frequently aloof dog could tell something was wrong and spent a huge chunk of the afternoon on my lap.

I began texting with my OB, Dr. H, and she suggested I should head to L&D to get checked out. So, I called Casey and asked him to leave the woodworking fun at his Dad's to come take me to the hospital.
We got to Baylor McKinney got all checked in. The nurses took amazing care of us and had me hooked up to three heart monitors (one for me and one for each baby) while they waited on multiple lab results. After a few hours I was sent home with a big new cup, instructions to drink 5 of these big cups a day of water, instructions to take an iron supplement, and "light reading" on anemia and multiples pregnancies.

We are so fortunate it turned out to be nothing and hopefully starting the iron today will make this dizziness and weakness go away.
I can't say enough things about how great our experience at Baylor McKinney was. Last night really reaffirmed for us that staying with Dr. H and traveling to McKinney for L&D is the right choice for us and our family.

They got us all checked in (and pre-registered for delivery! How convenient!) and truly took great care of us. When they were discharging us, they offered to take us on a maternity and NICU tour so we won't have to make a separate trip to schedule those. And wow! The tour! These rooms are NICE. Like 5 star hotel nice.

In the labor and delivery area, every room is a huge private suite with space for mom, dad, and baby. The showers have jets on all sides and at all levels to help mom recover. Sadly, for a C-section I'll deliver in an operating room and not experience all this awesomeness.

The postpartum recovery area also has private suites with a pull out for dad. Every mom gets a fluffy Baylor robe and a gift bag of recovery treats. They encourage babies to stay in the room and receive care together. A gorgeous nursery is available, but it was empty last night. Multiple lactation consults are on staff and each new mom is encouraged to attempt feeding and will receive multiple LC visits. They also promote a visitor free Cuddle Time from 2-4 every day where mom and baby rest and enjoy each other uninterrupted by hospital staff and well-wishers. Pretty cool idea!
The NICU is a Level III center with ALL private suites so parents can stay in the room with baby. The NICU encourages kangaroo care and breast milk, providing lactation consultants and pumps if needed. They even have a multiples suite that would fit the twins, Casey, and I. Hopefully last night was the only time we'll ever see it, but comforting to know it is there. The visitor policy for the NICU is strict though: only the immunized parents and grandparents of the babies are allowed in! No friends or other family, particularly during flu season.
You can take a tour of Baylor McKinney while it was under construction:

So, basically, we spent our Sunday night listening to the boys hearts, pre-registering for delivery, and taking a tour of our delivery hospital. And that pesky bit about anemia fits in there somewhere too.

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  1. Lexy, Be sure to ask Baylor their policy on skin-to-skin contact with Dad immediately after c-section births... the more progressive hospitals are strongly encouraging it. Read the benefits of Kangaroo Care for pre and full term babies here: