Oct 17, 2012

Week 21

Marination Time:

Baby Size:
The Bump told us that Pip and Pop are as big as pomegranates. BabyCenter and His Boys Can Swim both make comparisons to length this week and say that in Week 21 Pip and Pop are as long as a carrot and beer bottle, respectively.

Baby Milestones:
Not much to report this week. Pip and Pop are growing eyebrows and preparing to open their eyes in the next few weeks. They continue their baby yoga classes and are working on muscle tone. The twins also have working taste buds and swallowing several ounces of amniotic fluid each day. They can taste different flavors in the amniotic fluid depending on what I eat each week.

Tired. Abdomen sore - especially if I try and bend or lean over. Bloody Noses.

How I'm Changing:I'm growing and so are Pip and Pop. Even though I know that they are growing really well, it is still difficult to hear when people comment on how small my stomach looks. This past week I was been told (by a total stranger) that she was bigger at 20w week her single and I'm obviously not eating well enough for them. She then asked if I was sure both were still alive. Why yes, in fact, I am sure. But thanks for making me worry! Good thing I have a Doppler at home to verify with.
What I'm Eating:
Red meat. Fruit. Cereal. Odwalla Chocolate Protein Drinks (seriously people, they are DELICIOUS).

None! After last week's huge scare, it is hard to be annoyed by anything! I am just so so grateful that Pip, Pop, and I are all doing well.Well, maybe one annoyance: bloody noses have returned.
Sleep:Sleeping in 3 hour stretches on my left side. I'm getting better at falling back asleep quickly on my left though. Missing:This might sound odd, but having my activity decisions controlled by my blood pressure means I no longer miss having energy. I am content to listen to my body and let it tell me how much I can do. After our preeclampsia scare last week, I am still emotional, raw, and so grateful that Pip and Pop are doing well. Belly Button Watch:Innie. What I'm most excited about:We have a nursery theme (Dinosaurs) and colors (primarily blue and green). Casey has loved dinosaurs all his life and it was so neat seeing some of his dinosaur things from childhood. His Mom was really wonderful and pulled them out of storage for us. As soon as we have a dresser, I'm excited to go back through Casey's childhood things and get items for Pip and Pop. For now, a picture of Casey with a baby quilt made by Grandma Parker:
We also have some nursery progress! Terri is a true example of the heart of Christ and we are so blessed to be in a kitchen group with her. She came over this week and helped turned our donations/junk room into a potential future nursery!
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  1. WOW I cannot believe someone would say that to you...how rude!

  2. That is such an awful thing for someone to say. For what it is worth, I think you look like a perfectly normal size for 20 weeks. I have a friend who is 25 or so weeks, and her belly just now really popped out. Before, you could hardly tell she was pregnant at all! You are looking great!