Oct 9, 2012

Week 20

Marination Time:

Baby Size:
The Bump and BabyCenter both say that in Week 20 Pip and Pop have become little bananas. While they are certainly driving me bananas (and I love it) I think they are probably slightly larger than 10.5oz. In fact, a pregnancy update email from Everyday Families this week said "If you are having twins, they are each about seven and a half inches long, and weigh close to one pound each." It confirmed that twins are growing a wee big faster in these early weeks. The human body is truly a miracle and somehow twins know to develop a bit faster to make up for a shorter stay! Another way to think of their size is like a b00b, as explained to Casey by His Boys Can Swim. I'm not so sure I like the visual of two b00bs inside me! Men's size comparison fail.

Baby Milestones:
Pip and Pop are growing hair and moving even more. The twins also have working taste buds, even though they still only get to taste amniotic fluid. They are now gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day.

TMI Issues. Tired. Abdomen sore - especially if I try and bend or lean over. Hip pain (left side where Pip is hanging out). Dizziness. Mild headaches - but I think these are from this crazy weather!

No more bloody noses -- it has been 8 days since my last one!!

How I'm Changing:
We have definite movement! Pip is hanging steady over near my left hip and when I lay on my left side (which I am supposed to do for a blood pressure scare) he lets me know he isn't a fan. Down near Pip I feel poking and jabs. Pop on the other hand is a little long distance swimmer. I feel a wooshing/hollowing feeling and can then tell that Pop has left that spot and moved on.

What I'm Eating:
Red meat. Cereal. Protein shakes.

Due to the TMI issue mentioned under symptoms and a blood pressure scare yesterday at the OBs office, I am back on bed rest. I am praying this is temporary and when we get all of the test results back I can get back to my very limited activities. But, for now, I am having to recognize that I am not in control of this pregnancy at all, God is. I feel very at peace that God has blessed us with two healthy boys thus far and they will come home. I don't know when they'll come home or how this will all play out, but I know that God does and this is all part of His plan. I don't plan to share any more details about this scare until we have more results back and a firm diagnosis (or clean bill of health), but I promise a full post on the events of the past 24 hours once we know more. Until then, please pray for Pip, Pop, and I.

Back to waking up 3-4 times each night for a potty break. After my 5:30ish wake up, I am frequently struggling to fall back asleep. I have also been told to sleep on my left side due to a BP scare. Pip has strong opinions about me cramping his space on my left and so it is taking longer for me to fall asleep.

My energy. I have so so many things that need done to get ready for the twins arrival and can't muster the energy to do any of it. The nursery still isn't cleaned out, which means we haven't had folks out to do estimates for new carpet or painted the room. I haven't started ordering decorations or sewing bedding yet either.

Belly Button Watch:

What I'm most excited about
I am thrilled to be consistently feeling Pip and Pop and getting to know their individual little personalities from their movement styles!

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