Oct 4, 2012

Not Gaining

Last week at my 17w6d OB appointment, I did my weigh in and had only gained 9lbs so far this pregnancy. That's a long way from the typical 20lbs by 20 weeks or 24lbs by 24 weeks most of the twin literature recommends. My OB wasn't overly concerned because the babies were both measuring ahead and looking healthy. Pip and Pop are obviously unconcerned by my lack of weight gain. Dr. H said to continue to eat frequent meals (every 2-3 hours) and hopefully the weight will start to come to support them. At up 9lbs with healthy babies she didn't recommend changing my diet since I was already eating very high protein.
I felt like this week I finally had a big appetite. I have been eating normal sized portions for my three big meals and still getting my snacks in. I got on the scale this morning because I was so sure I would be up at least a pound or two.
Down 4.
Not only was I not up since last week, I was down 4lbs! Weight can fluctuate throughout the day so I have remeasured a few times and down 3-4. Every. Single. Time.
I sent Dr. H a text this afternoon because losing weight at this stage can't possibly be healthy (can it?) and I am now supposed to swap my morning green smoothie or glucerna shake for a higher calorie, higher protein option like Ensure Protein shakes.
I will head to the store this afternoon to buy a few to try out. I'd also like to make some healthier non powdered shakes at home, but my green smoothie is certainly not high-calorie (although I do add protein powder to make it higher protein).

Do you have a high-calorie, high-protein shake or smoothie you make and love? I would love to see your recipe! Post it in the comments pretty pretty please!



  1. You could use full fat yogurt as a base for your smoothie.

    Also it sounds like you're comparing your scale to your ob's scale - my scale is totally different than my ob's scale, so you really need to compare apples to apples. My weight can vary 5-10 pounds depending on which scale and which time of day. You may not have lost weight this week. :)

  2. When my grandfather was in the middle of Chemo we did everything we could to help him maintain his weight. Here are some ideas:

    - If you have a high powered blender (Vitamix, Nutrabullet, etc) add whole raw nuts to a little bit of water an purree first before adding your other ingredients. It creates a fiber, protein and fat rich unsweetened nut milk.
    - Sesame seeds/sesame oil are a good calcium and iron rich way to add calories.
    - Sub evaporated milk (or sweetened condensed milk if you're really in need of the calories) for regular milk or water
    - Cottage cheese blends really well and can be a neutral base for any flavor (I add raw cacao, cinnamon and a little sweetener and drink this for dessert.)
    - Pasteurized egg whites are always a great smoothie base - you could sub egg white protein powder I'm sure
    - I make my own greek yogurt by straining regular plain yogurt in a few layers of cheese cloth. The by product is whey - which is a great source of protein.

  3. Oh and if you're still on the Mac and Cheese kick....try Quinoa and Cheese (http://monimeals.com/meals/quinoa-mac-n-cheese/). This grown up version is also a complete protein and it is great as leftovers.