Oct 25, 2012

Not Doing My Civic Duty. Again.

The first time I ever got a jury duty letter was in 2009 at 24. I was an alternate, which means you call the courthouse hotline at lunch time and a recorded message tells you if alternates are needed that day. They weren't.
Fast forward to now.
I got my second ever jury duty letter this month! Once again, I was an alternate. Once again, I called the courthouse promptly at 11:00. Once again, I heard a recorded message that alternates aren't needed.
I'm not going to lie. I had really mixed emotions about my jury duty letter this time.
I am fascinated by the justice system in our country and love the idea of being on a jury and doing my part for a functional civic society. I think too many educated people are eager to get out of it, which makes the "jury of your peers" part much more difficult. I would truly like to serve. I love my country and I love that we have a functioning justice system. Even though I frequently disagree with it and I do think it is flawed, I don't know of a better system in the world. Even though I get very frustrated looking at the composition of many juries, I know that I do trust our system gets it right most of the time.
I'm pregnant. And big. And uncomfortable. And the idea of sitting in a waiting room chair for hours on end made me feel queasy.
To console myself, I'm guessing not many lawyers would want the woman who is 22w0d pregnant with twins on an interesting multi-day trial anyways, so what fun would it have been? A short public-intoxication trial is not what dreams are made of.

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