Oct 5, 2012

My First Moms of Twins Meeting

Last night I went to the North Texas Mothers of Twins Meeting. It was really intimidating for me to go because I am really awkward in new social situations. I don't make friends easily and it takes me a long time to warm up to new folks. Once I know someone I am far from shy and I even do well speaking in big group situations (asking questions in class or delivering a lecture or presentation), but I struggle with smaller groups and one on one with strangers. I feel very uncomfortable showing up to something where I don't know anyone!
I'm so glad I went though! The first hour (6:00-7:00) is reserved just for news and expectant moms and goes over basic infant care and how to adjust the "book way" of caring for a new baby to the twin way.
Last night, they talked about feeding, starting with bottle propping and why most infant care books say it is bad (you should bond with your baby!) and the reality of being outnumbered. While I do plan to breastfeed, I know that will frequently mean pumping and bottling, so learning some bottle feeding tips was really interesting.
Picture sourced from google images (linked to source)
I completely understand why a twin mom might need to bottle prop. Sometimes the choice is let the baby cry for another 30minutes or bottle prop, because you only have so many hands. I hope that I will have our house and the twins under control enough that bottle propping will never be necessary, but it was nice hearing from moms who have been there and had to do it. The baby didn't choke or have extra reflux or any of those rumored problems. As long as you are there with your baby it will be okay! I think that was really comforting. The main message seemed to be, it will all be okay!
After bottle propping, their was some great discussion of breastfeeding and pumping. The unanimous consensus seemed to be that renting a hospital grade pump is 100x better than buying even the expensive medela portable pump. Apparently, hospital pumps work a lot faster and more efficiently so your whole life isn't pumping and feeding. They also talked about reasons to supplement breast milk and reasons to stop breastfeeding. Again, the message seemed to be that while breast is best, if you can't or don't want to breastfeed, it will all be okay!
It was great being around a group of women who so obviously support each other and are very nonjudgmental of parenting choices. It actually felt a lot like talking to my folks on twitter!
Unlike on twitter, I don't know that I made any new friends. Actually, I know that I didn't. But, I will go back, and hopefully next time I will feel more comfortable and be able to meet a few more people before/after the meeting and maybe even get to know one or two of them!
After the new and expectant moms meeting was the general meeting. This month they had a fascinating speaker on relationships and intimacy, particularly after the birth of twins and all of the challenges that entails. Since I'm still on pelvic rest, the intimacy part of her talk was a bit premature for me to hear, but she was a great and knowledgable speaker and the differences between men and women and how "menglish" (man speak) affects a relationship. She says that since women are typically more willing to work on the relationship, they are the ones responsible for becoming bilingual. She made a lot of really interesting points about communication, affection, and keeping the relationship alive and going. Lots of nuggets to think about.
Overall, I am really glad I worked up the nerve to attend the NDMOTC Meeting and am looking forward to going back in November!


  1. I rented a Medela Symphony from my lactation consultant and it has worked out wonderfully. I bought several sets of the "parts" and really the only thing you rent is the "motor." (As my DH describes it.) I thought I would be grossed out of sharing that type of equipment, but once I saw it in action, I saw it at the same level as renting a car.

    I never have, nor have I ever had, the desire to travel with my pump...unless I am on a multiple day trip. (At that point, a slightly bigger pump is not going to even dent the other gear I pack.)

    Bottle propping for twins has to eventually be a necessity. I can only imagine a hungry Pip the exact moment Pop has a surprise diaper. You live, you learn and adapt to each surprise you encounter!

  2. Did they say anything about those baby bottle straws when they talked about bottle propping? I used to nanny for a family of triplets, and we would not have survived without them!! However, I was the nanny, not the mom, so I never had to look into any pros/cons, just follow the mama's directions :).