Oct 19, 2012

Fragments for Friday: October 19

Sometimes things happen throughout the week that are interesting and blog-worthy, but they just aren't a full post.  Fragments for Friday to the rescue!  All of those random thoughts collected over the week can go in one place: Fragments for Friday.

Years and years ago I did this series on my blog and it was so nice to have a place for all those random tidbits and life events each week!  It's back! Get excited.  I am.

  • #ponyup  Last night was AMAZING.  SMU beat Houston 72-42!  What a game!  After last weeks crushing loss to Tulane (breaking their 0-15 losing streak) this win was really needed.  Sadly, I don't have the physical strength to sit on a uncomfortable, hard, non-supportive bleacher for a full game, but we really enjoyed the first half! I totally forgot to take a picture. But trust me.  I looked really cute in my red sweater.
  • I was so proud of myself this morning for getting a few thank you notes written to folks who have sent us baby gifts in the mail.  So so proud.  And then I realized I'm out of stamps.  Womp. Womp.
  • We're up to seven cloth diapers in our stash!  I'm trying not to buy too many ahead of time because (fingers crossed) we'll get at least a few off our registry and then I can use the few we have to determine which brands work best for us and order the full 40+ I will need to cloth diaper the twins.  But, when I saw these minky dinosaur diapers on Zulily I just couldn't resist! (Sidenote: need a Zulily invite?  I'll get store credit if you join and order using this link.  More store credit means more adorable baby things for Pip and Pop.  Zulily has deals on things for both mom and baby so you don't have to have kids to enjoy it.)
  • I have mentioned before on the ol' blog about God's perfect timing and majesty, but I have never really gotten into the details of my current job working for my church and the blessing it really is. Remind me to post that at some point. In the meantime, this week I went to CPR and First Aid training for my job (Feel free to go into cardiac arrest around me. I'm certified.) and was absolutely amazed by how streamlined all of the information is now compared to what it was 9 (gasp!) years ago the last time I was certified for life guarding. I love that they have made it so much simpler!
  • Casey and I have been having a lot of deep discussions about how babies will change our lives and our priorities.  A lot of these deep discussion are happening via text message and I love looking back and seeing our conversations!

  • I have become a really boring person.  In fact, I have become one of THOSE people.  You know, those people who only talk about their kids.  I don't have kids yet and I'm already doing it.  Twice this week we hung out with friends who aren't to the baby stage of life yet and twice this week I left the encounter totally embarrassed that I had nothing interesting to talk about.  I'm blaming it on restricted activity.  I have nothing else.  Except reality television.  I watch a lot of that.
  • So lets talk reality TV instead.  Who watches Project Runway?  Am I totally missing something about Fabio's collection?  What did the judges see?  I saw a bad 80s tie-dye job on some shapeless potato sacks and non-supportive sport bras. Where they saw genius colors, I saw a glass of water spilled on a kindergartners water color painting so all the colors were just washed out.  Further proof that I'm not fashionable I guess.
  • I know that I mentioned this already, but I am so blessed to be part of the amazing family of faith at Munger Place Church.   What started this week as a room that had accumulated 4.5 years of things that need donated, is ending the week as out future nursery thanks to the kind heart of Terri, one of the many inspirational women I have had the honor to meet there.  I know I shared this picture already, but I am still so so amazed that I have to share it again:
On the left you can see three different shots of the room and all its messiness before we started working.  It housed 21 bags on clothes to be donated, four lamps, numerous bags and purses, almost 20 pairs of shoes, some home decor, a half set of glasses (the rest broke over the years), and holiday decorations we don't use.  In the top right is our dining room currently ready for me to schedule pick up with a local nonprofit.  The bottom right is the (nearly) empty nursery.  It still has a few boxes of trash that will go out on Tuesday (trash day), a recliner, a coffee table, and a mattress all of which will either be donated or listed free on Craigslist.
  • In our children's curriculum at Munger Place Church, we have a big idea and a memory verse for the kids each month. The Big Idea is written on a bracelet and the kids can collect each one; by the end of the year they will all have quite the rainbow arm party.
    I try and wear my bracelets all of the time too. I have run into kids in Target and such and they love seeing that I am wearing them. I also love wearing them because I need reminders about these fundamental truths to! For September, the big idea was "God is with me when I need help." This month it is "God is with me in times of change." How true these statements both are. It is so comforting to look down at my wrist and see these daily reminders that God is Able.
  • Big Tex, a Texas State Fair icon went up in flames this morning.  We have been to the state fair every year (sadly not this year) but never seem to remember to get a photo in front of Big Tex.  To commemorate, a few favorite Big Tex photos:
2007 on left and 2006 on right

  • Not a Myrtle and I are so excited so offer you the chance to link up and share your Fragments for Friday.  Go check out her blog and then come back and a link so we can all see yours!

October Big Idea:

God is with me in times of Change!

October Memory Verse: Because the Lord is good, his loyal love lasts forever; his faithfulness lasts generation after generation.  Psalm 100:5


  1. You've been pretty busy for someone who claims to be boring. :)

    Love all the diapers. And you deserve a *high five* for getting Thank You notes out!!!

    1. The thank you notes aren't out. Just written. And now sit on the console waiting for me to make it to the store to buy stamps. That will probably take a week.... Sadly.

  2. I love my cloth diapers. So addictive! I agree though it is good to try several varities to see which you like the best. I like pockets so most my stash is pocket. I like minky and bamboo. I'm loving your one with money on it. My favorite brand is Tots Bots (in US it is under Bummis most the time.) Have fun with it!

    I totally agree with you on Fabio's collection. What were they thinking? I almost think the producers felt the same way which is why they replaced all of them for this All-Star season. "Ladies, you have looked at way too many designs. You don't know your hem from your neckline. It is time for a vacation."