Oct 23, 2012

For the Birds

This morning I woke up really early. 4:00 kind of early. I only managed to doze a few minutes off and on the rest of the morning. After Casey left for work at 6:00, I got up to eat a wee bit of breakfast. But seriously, 6:00 is too early to start my day so after my eggs, I brought my water and banana back to the bedroom to snuggle and watch a little show.
Apparently turning on the TV was all it took to fall asleep because the next thing I knew it was 9:50 and my phone was ringing. Casey was calling to verify the address of our OB for our 11:00 ultrasound appointment. Uhoh! It's a solid 35-40 minutes to the office and you are supposed to arrive 15 minutes early to all appointments.
I ran to the sunroom and opened the door so the dog could run around a bit, quickly washed my face and got dressed, and then went to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. Typical running late kind of morning. After my cereal, I headed back to the bedroom to grab a few last things and brush my teeth. While I was in the bedroom, I could hear the dog going BONKERS. She was barking and whimpering and just acting generally unhappy.
I came into the kitchen to see this:
That's right folks.
A bird.
In our kitchen.
Seriously folks these birds keep invading our house! Does anyone else have a bird problem?
I left for my appointments with the bird still running loose in my house and the poor dog locked in the game room. When I got home, the bird was flying around in our bedroom. A least he she it was contained!
Casey came home and once again used the dog gate as a bird shield and shooed it back towards the big sliding glass door in the sunroom. I would show you the video of Casey playing "You're Getting Hotter" with the bird, but he is embarrassed I even took video. So it's a no go for the blog.

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