Oct 8, 2012

Buying All The Things: DSLR Camera

Along with these two new wonderful additions that will be joining our family in 2013 (we hope!) come a lot of things! It's amazing just how much stuff such tiny little people will need. In this series, I am going to walk you through our decisions as we are making them. We will talk cars, cribs, DSLR cameras, strollers, and other registry items.

The day we took our pregnancy announcement photo, I dropped our digital camera. It was still on, so the lens was out. The lens is still out 15 weeks later. I killed it!

Since then, every photo we've posted has been a iPhone photo! Not bad quality for a phone, right?
We decided that we weren't going to buy another point and shoot camera. We weren't convinced it was worth it. We rarely had it with us at the right times and found ourselves taking phone pics more than anything else. We did want a good camera to get baby pics though!

Despite our total lack of camera knowledge, the best solution was to keep using our iPhones to capture moments and buy a nice DSLR for photo occasions.

With that said we had a few features we wanted:
  • Fast shutter speed to catch both babies looking at the same time
  • A good "burst" mode to get a lot of pictures in one second (don't want to miss a baby smile!)
  • An "easy" mode
  • Feels good in hand
  • Not too heavy
  • Viewfinder, not just LCD screen
  • Video functionality (for short clips like first steps) with auto focus
  • Built in flash so we didn't have to buy one
  • Sub $1000 price tag (including lens)
  • Easy to find lenses with decent lens prices

Using our list, we spoke to friends who are amateur photographers and visited camera stores. After our research and looking we decided on the Sony a-57. This is technically not a DSLR but a DSLT (but don't ask me what that means!) and so far we love it. It has 16MP resolution, a 10fps full resolution burst mode (or 12fps in a slightly lower resolution), manual focus 'peaking' and 1080p60 video. We purchased at the Wolf Camera going out of business sale and got a great price. We currently only have the "basic" lens that came with the camera kit, but plan to buy a Minolta "beer can" lens at some point (old Minolta lenses fit the Sony a series cameras).
And now for a few photos took our first weekend with the camera:
Using fun color settings, also in our kitchen.
Birthday party for Casey's brother and mom.
Kids blowing out their candles for them.
Intelligent cropping: original photo
"Intelligently" cropped photo
Intelligent cropping original photo
Intelligently cropped photo
A view of the baby belly: 18w3d
Action shot: Our nephew kapowing the camera
Casey taking sunset photos
And another view of the sunset

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