Oct 1, 2012

Buying all of the Things: Registry Locations

Along with these two new wonderful additions that will be joining our family in 2013 (we hope!) come a lot of things! It's amazing just how much stuff such tiny little people will need. In this series, I am going to walk you through our decisions as we are making them. We will talk cars, cribs, DSLR cameras, strollers, and other registry items.

After hours and hours of research I have decided that lots of people love lots of different things for lots of different reasons. And others absolutely hate the exact same baby item! I have been told "My xxx is my favorite baby item and couldn't live without two of them!" and about the same item heard "We got a xxx and never used it.  I'm so glad we didn't get two of that!".  People's opinions vary so greatly!  I have managed to narrow most of our registry choices down, but I'm still struggling with exactly what my preferences are. I tried using facebook and twitter for advice, but that wasn't particularly helpful (people keep telling me what they have, but not why, and in particular, not why that over something else).

With that in mind, I will never have a perfect registry or have all of the right things.  My registries will change as we get closer to the due date and I continue to learn. 

And that's okay!

But I had to start somewhere.  So for this post I'll start with a simple one: where we are registering.

We are registered at:
Buy Buy Baby
Amazon Baby

You can always access our registries here by using the "Baby Registeries" Tab on my blog page as well

We chose to register at:
  • Target: because it is really convenient for gift buyers everywhere given its large number of locations. This registry doesn't have many of my "bigger items" like stroller because Target just doesn't carry many double stroller options. I made up for this by putting more of the feeding items and toys at Target than anywhere else.
  • Amazon: because while I was on bed rest I used Amazon to start a baby items wish list. It was an easy way to keep track of things I liked from many different stores and sources. Since it was already created, I decided to go ahead and make it public. I don't know how many people will choose to shop at Amazon, but I personally find free shipping and not having to go to the store really convenient! This registry is the most complete and contains duplicates off of the other two.
  • Buy Buy Baby: We debated for a while between Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. While BRU is closer to our house (I mean super close) we have yet to have a good shopping experience there. Every time we go in it is crowded and there are no sales people anywhere to offer help. Just the opposite is true of BBB. The sales associates were amazing about answering questions and helping us figure things out, even before we registered! We also love that BBB accepts the 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath, and Beyond - what a deal!

Take a minute and go explore.  See what we chose.  Then come back and leave me feedback - are we missing something you couldn't live without? Do you absolutely love something you see? Is there something you see that you registered for and then never used?  A product that completely fell apart on you? There is a lot of stuff between the three registries and I am well aware that we don't need most of it, but creating a registry is hard work so I am using the registries as idea keepers while I weed the registry down over the next few weeks before my first shower.


  1. Alexis, Here's a few tips that worked for me:

    Consider Pacimals instead of wubbanub. The pacifier on the wubbanub is sewn on and trust me these things get dirty. I liked the convenience of throwing the animal in the laundry and the pacifier in some boiling water.

    Check out the Ergo Sport Carrier. The material is lighter and it breathes...in the Texas heat it really makes the difference.

    I opted not to use Jumperoos/walkers/exersaucers for space reasons...but my swing and I were BFF - that was the only way I could shower for the first few months. (Also I suggest reading the studies on the effects of exersaucers and developing hip bones.)

    The Avent Bottle warmer was great for night feedings, it saved me from what would likely be multiple burns from water and as it warms with steam it is incredibly consistent.

    You've got a great range of cloth diapers - I use one or two of each the ones you pick. I also use G-Diapers both with cloth inserts and the disposable inserts. Grandparents and church nurseries are much less intimidated by G's because they look the most like regular diapes (and the velcro is forgiving.) Also the Little G's are great for newborns!

  2. I had never heard of pacimals -- hated that I would be sewing and reswewing the wubbanub so excited to find an alternative. Thanks!

    The Ergo Galaxy isn't my favorite ergo, but it's the only one they have at Target and I'm trying to make sure that registry has some substance (sad though because light and breathable sounds ideal!) Maybe I won't have Target match the others....

    I am really hoping to BF so have a few bottles on there in case it doesn't work/ to use for pumping but I'm really hoping we can just return them all because I have total success (naive thinking for the win right?!)

    Which swing did you have that you liked? I only have the mamaRoo swing right now on the registry because I can't pick one. I am struggling with a lot of registry indecision -- I mean no one really needs 5 different playmats but I have them because I can't pick one.

    I have a two gDiapers here at home already that were given to me so I can try them out. I'm hoping to get enough cloth variety to experiment and figure out what works for us! I'm also hoping to find some good secondhand deals on Craigslist or at Consignment Sales once we've picked a brand to go with!

  3. Pacimals are your friend - and they adapt to use almost any pacifiers. I would have used ANYTHING to make sure he didn't suck his fingers. (My dad's a dentist and drilled that into my head)

    My registries didn't all match - if there were things I REALLY wanted but they were only on Amazon/BBB, I didn't fret not putting them on Target.

    I have a Graco 2in1 that plugs in the wall. I liked the concept of a Mamaroo, but my fur baby is extremely curious and I was worried that it didn't have enough height. (Fur baby is actually terrified of the swing so it wouldn't be an issue but you live you learn!)

    I BF exclusively but I still use at least one pumped bottle a night (sometimes two). It gives hubby a chance to bond - and gives me at least six hours uninterrupted sleep. I use the Avent bottles exclusively because they are easy to hold. And they convert into sippy training cups, you will get a lot of use out of them. I know moms who love Dr. Browns - it was just a lot of pieces for me and I returned mine.

    BBB's return policy is better than gold. Keep the original packaging and they will accept almost anything for store credit. So if a few months in you have an extra package of bottles, swap them out for some onesies.

    Wait, hold the phone...do you have or are you registered for a My Breast Friend? It has saved my arms and my back.

    1. I added pacimals and a Binkiebear to amazon since both accept any pacifier (love that!) but leaving the Dino wubbanub bc Casey loves it.

      I need to be okay with non matching -- silly OCD organization brain just isn't there yet!

      I need to be more prepared for overnight bottles....6 hours of sleep sounds amazing! I just threw a variety of bottles is because I have heard every baby has different preferences. I have the Avent, Dr. brown, and Tommee Tippees I think.

      I have the Double My Breast Friend already! We are so so so fortunate to know some amazing twin moms from our church and so are getting things from them! Feel so blessed to have that option because baby stuff is crazy crazy expensive!

  4. Hey! So, are you ready for this long comment? :) Here goes:

    I know you have registered for a lot of things because you haven't totally made up your mind about what you want yet, but when you do get a clearer idea, it might be a good idea to not register for some pricier items that may not (in my opinion) put your gifters' money to the best use. You might not end up getting some really important items that you would use a lot, and instead get more things that may or may not work for you. Here are some of those more "iffy" items (again, in my opinion):
    -the mamaroo swing. I have watched reviews of this swing, and it looks AWESOME. If money were no object, I would have gotten one. But, since they are so expensive, and you won't know for sure if your babies will even like it, you might want to go for a cheaper swing. You could even see if your church nursery might lend you a few swings just so you can test some different ones out on the babies and see if they seem to like them. Swings seem to be a complete hit or miss. They love them or they hate them.
    -an expensive infant carseat. I opted to buy a less expensive (but still safe) infant rear-facing carseat, and splurge more on the convertible carseat since they are in it for so much more time. Especially when buying for two!!
    -activity jumpers/jumparoos. They really do not use these for long AT ALL, and we didn't even have one. I know lots of moms who just borrowed some for a few months to see if their baby even liked it. Others opted to buy them on craig's list.
    -the cleanwater collection tub. That just seems like a lot to pay for a tub. It does have some neat features, but I think you'll find that those features really don't make a huge difference in your lives. You might opt for something less pricey. They have some that kind of fit to the shape of your kitchen sink. I didn't have one, but wish I did because leaning over the tub and trying to support the baby is a KILLER on your back!
    -car seat covers. blankets will do the same job, and considering that Dallas winters are so short-lived, you probably won't get just a TON of use out of it, especially since you might find yourself spending a lot of time around the house as opposed to getting out for the first few months. At least not getting out with both babies :)

    Ok, also, one item you have on there that we LOVED having was an activity mat. Our girls both spent tons of time on that mat and loved it. Keeps them busy and content so you can get work done. They would play on it while I got a shower. Ours lit up and played music. $75 sounds a little high though. I think we paid somewhere around $30 for ours at BRU.

    And finally, I didn't notice any baby monitors on there. I may have just not seen them. We had two different ones. Our Sony baby call was cheaper, but had terrible static problems. It worked if you had it in the right spot, but if you wanted to carry it around with you, it drove you nuts! Our second one was an angel care monitor. The worrier in me loved this monitor because it came with a motion sensor pad that goes under their crib mattress to monitor the slight movement created by their breathing. If the baby stopped breathing for more than several seconds, an alarm would go off. We never had any false alarms. The only thing is, if you forget to turn the motion alarm sensor off and then pick the baby up, it will go off and wake them up. There is a room temp monitor on there as well as a ton of other settings. It is a challenge to figure out at first, but it is the best monitor ever in terms of quality. It is digital, so static is not a problem. Also, SIDS is a little less scary if you know there is a motion sensor in your baby's crib. It is more expensive (around $100), but the peace of mind it gave me was priceless.

    1. Alexis,

      I'm going to agree with a lot of what Holly says.

      The car seat covers are made for tough tough winters and are incredibly warm. I never used mine (returned it) because I was afraid he would over heat. Use one of your Aden + Anais blankets and you're good to go (I registered for three packs of these for a singleton.) Your littles will be born during RSV season so outings will likely be few and far between.

      We have the Boppy play mat and I love it. I wouldn't spend more than $40 for a play mat once I realize how much spit up I have washed off of it. Once they can roll over, you'll probably supplement it with a quilt and a few toys.

      I was spoiled with bathtubs at my shower (registered for one, received three): the 4moms is a great concept, but it was so big and only works to age 6 months so I returned it. I also received the Puj sink insert and the Fisher Price Precious planet tub. I ended up keeping both: the Puj fits in any bathroom sink and then unfolds to a flat single piece (I keep it on a command hook in my guest shower). The Fisher Price Tub is great for the kitchen sink and turns into a bath seat once he could sit up.

      BUT - keep the carseats on your registry even if you don't get them in your shower you can use your "complete your registry" coupon with either Buy Buy Baby or Target. The one you picked is the newer version of the one I have and it is a multiple baby carseat.

      And three other things I can't live without:
      1. Aden+Anais Burpy Bibs - they are huge and contoured to stay on your shoulder and double as baby's first bib
      2. Dura-Bib Big Mouth - http://www.babyearth.com/dex-products-dura-bib-big-mouth.html?att_val=770&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&kwid=productads-sku%5E16133@ADL40770-adtype%5EPLA-adid%5E14730509683 this is the last bib you will ever need. Waterproof, large pocket, tough snaps, and it unsaps flat for easy easy cleaning.
      3. Mesh Baby Bumpers: You will appreciate these later when your two are unswaddled at night and sleep in contortionist positions. I had the crib wedges (AH-mazing) and they worked great until little dude started flailing his legs around and getting stuck in the crib. The mesh bumpers are still breathable but provide an extra barrier for arms and legs.

  5. We already have a few things that have been handed down to us and might explain a few of the gaps (we are so so so fortunate to know some really really generous people!)

    We've heard that the mamaRoo is worth splurge with two since you can't always be holding them, but I'm planning to buy this used. I've seen good deals on it at Kid to Kid and on Craigslist. If anyone happens to buy it, I'll be thrilled but doubt anyone spends $240 so used is the plan! If it ends up being out of budget for us, we have friends that said they'd give us a swing so we will at least have that! I've have heard the same thing about jumperoos and exersuacers for twins. We heard get one of each because not all babies like them, but having a place to put down your older baby and keep them entertained while dealing with brother can be really valuable. We bought an exersaucer for $7.50 consignment already and hope to find an inexpensive jumperoo too -- assuming we do it can leave the registry too! I know that if used incorrectly/too much/too early both of these products can cause hip issues, but from all my research it seems that if used correctly they are perfectly safe for babies. The tub is another item we're getting handed down. We are getting a more practical tub handed down from friends so the Cleanwater is really a splurge but oh so fun!

    I wish we could pick a less expensive car seat! But, we have friends that weren't allowed to leave the hospital with the car seats they purchased because most start at 5lbs and their twins got released at 4lbs some odd ounces. They ended up running out and buying new car seats that day. We are obviously praying for nice, big, full term babies, but just in case have decided to spend the extra money on a car seat that starts at 4lbs so we don't have to think about it. We also hope the extra splurge in cost will aid our case in never needing them! How big was Sophie when y'all were released? Did you have get any grief from the NICU about your car seats weight restrictions?

    We aren't registering for baby monitors because we already bought them at a consignment sale. Casey is supposed to be working on a post about how we chose them. We got the iBaby video monitors (a camera for each crib) with both sound and motion alerts. I love that they use our iPhones/ipads as the receiver so I don't have to keep up with anything else. We might supplement with the angelcare mats, but we are are going to try out just video first and see how it works for us.

    I really really appreciate all of the advice and suggestions! Keep it coming!!

  6. Sophie was actually around 7 lbs. when released. She got to be a big girl in the NICU! That is a good idea though about the car seats being able to carry preemies. They didn't give us any grief about her weight, but maybe they would have if she were smaller. If, God forbid, they do have to stay for a bit in the NICU, we HIGHLY recommend Medical City Dallas. They also just renovated their whole children's wing, but the staff and doctors were just unbelievable there. I think you will deliver at a different hospital though, right?