Oct 23, 2012

As Big As Dinosaurs

We knew we were planning on a dinosaur nursery (seriously check out these awesome head mounts that should be arriving at our house any day now!), but we had no idea I was incubating dinosaur sized babies!
At today's ultrasound we got to see Pip and Pop again and check out their growth. I'd talk about how cute and little they were, but they aren't so tiny!
At today's ultrasound the babies gestational age (time spent marinating) is 21w5d. The typical size for a baby in week 22 is less than a pound.
But Pip and Pop are far from typical!
They both have an estimated fetal weight of 1 pound 4 ounces!! This puts Pip in the 97th percentile and Pop in the 95th percentile. My OB said this is the weight she normally sees for a 24 weeker! (Look at this BabyCenter chart for more information on average fetal weights.) At our last growth scan, they were big, but not like this!

Baby A (Pip)

Baby B (Pop)

PositionHead Down (called Vertex)head resting directly on my cervix Head Up (called Breech)
LocationMy Lower LeftMy Upper Right
Placenta Anterior
(in front of baby)
Posterior(behind baby)
Weight1lb4oz (590g)1lb4oz (569g)
Average Ultrasound Age (Gestational Age is 21w5d)23w1d23w0d
Size Percentile97.68%95.08%
We also got some information about me and how I am doing.
Everything is great!!!
My blood pressure is being completely controlled by limiting my activity level and listening to my body. My cervix is long (almost 5cm) and lean, perfectly normal for week 22. Short cervical length is an indication of preterm labor so this is great news! We went over all of the details of my bloodwork from the preeclampsia scare and everything looked normal and great. I was told to just keep doing what I'm doing and listening to my body.
Such praises to God that everything seems to be going well!
And now, the fun part you all kept reading for:

baby pictures

This next picture is a bit hard to decipher, but it shows Pop with his little hands up defending his face blocking his brothers blows. Pip spent most of the appointment kicking Pop in the head. Poor little Pop was just getting wailed on! It wasn't until the very end that Pip calmed down and we were able to get a good profile shot of Pop (seen above).
Is this what Casey and I have to look forward to?

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