Oct 2, 2012

What's in a Name?

Now that we know Pip and Pop are boys, it's time to start thinking of names! Of all of the baby decisions we need to make, the name game feels the most important. This decision can't be taken lightly!
The names we choose have to get these babies through the bad pronunciations of tiny tot friends (and each other), through the mean middle school ages (and with a last name like Cass rhymes with @ss we really need to think hard of middle school taunts!), the popularity contests in high school, and launch them into the professional world after college. That's a lot of pressure!
A name can effect discipline issues (boys with girly names are more likely to be suspended), career choice (girls with girly names are less likely to choose STEM careers), self-esteem, poor self confidence, grades (people whose names start with A or B are more likely to receive those grades in school), and success in life (source source source source). It can also influence political preferences (source). Wow! Shakespeare once asked "What's in a name?" and it appears the answer is a lot!
Our children will have 18 years worth of reasons to hate us and I'd rather not start out on the wrong foot. We don't need them disliking us from the start.
So, names need to be easily pronounceable, gender appropriate, have various nickname possibilities, not be overly unique or overly ethnic, and be perceived well by others. No small task!
And on top of all of that, Casey and I both have to agree....eek! The only names we have ever agreed on haev been girl names and none of them do us any good at all. We're completely blank on boy names. I have names I like, he has names he like, but they don't seem to be intersecting. I took a name Casey told me he wanted to use and spent HOURS coming up with good nicknames (because I think it's too much name for a baby) and now Casey has decided he doesn't actually like it for a first name.
The one decision we do agree on:
We have seen conflicts among friends when names were "stolen" and we had our favorite girl name used by someone else after telling it to them. We have seen parents in tears and/or furious because well-intentioned friends show the mocking potential in the first name/last name combo of the unborn child.
We have actually never seen a positive result to announcing a babies name before the birth.
We will (probably, most likely) announce the initials once we have them (because I am a sucker for all things monogrammed!) but we won't be sharing the names (not that we have any) until Pip and Pop are born. So, I hope you like the names Pip and Pop because that is who these babies are until 2013!

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  1. Boy names are so hard! With Brody- I saw his name on a BMW commercial the Sunday before the Tuesday c section. The twins (Lincoln Andrew and Chase Edward) are mixes of family- but Chase came from his being 'chased' on the monitor. That boy was never still! Anyhow- it is what it is- they're your names too, so everyone can just deal :) I will say Lincoln- or Linc as we call him, is my beloved grandfather's name and whenever family meet him they light up being able to say that name. There's something to be said for going the 'special family' route. Good luck!! --Farrah (Momofthreeunder)