Sep 26, 2012

Week 18

Marination Time:
Baby Size:
The Bump says that in Week 18 Pip and Pop are now little sweet potatoes, while BabyCenter compares them to bell peppers. The average baby their age would be 5.5 inches and almost 7 ounces. Another way to think of their size is comparable to a small electric shaver, as explained to Casey by His Boys Can Swim. At the Maternal Fetal Medic (high risk OB or MFM) our Pip and Pop both measured ahead at 8 and 9 ounces.
Baby Milestones:
Pip and Pop are growing and moving! They twist, roll, change positions, flip, punch and kick. During our appointment with the MFM we saw Pip (Baby A) kick Pop (Baby B) and Pop respond by pulling its hands up defensively. So cute to watch! Apparently they are already fighting in there.
Round ligament pain. Headaches. Bloody noses. Not eating. Trouble getting a good deep breath. Exhaustion.
How I'm Changing:
Still growing. Even though I can't really feel the babies moving yet, I am aware of big movements because I see changes in my belly shape.
What I'm Eating:
Red meat. Gatorade. Not enough.
Nothing this week.
Doing better sleeping. Still always tired though.
Last night, Casey's wine smelled so so so good. I almost gave in and drank a sip. But, if the MFM appointment had shown any issues at all I would have felt so so guilty!
Belly Button Watch:
Feeling smug and victorious that I still have an Innie. Have I mentioned that Outies creep me out a little bit?
What I'm most excited about
We know Pip and Pop's sexes!!! Just as soon as we have told our families I will post a blog update to let y'all know too!
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