Sep 19, 2012

Week 17

Marination Time:

Baby Size:
The Bump and BabyCenter both say that in Week 16 Pip and Pop are now little onions or turnips, respectively. The average baby their age would be 5 inches and over 5 ounces. For the boy perspective, His Boys Can Swim, tells Casey that Pip and Pop are our little hockey pucks. They haven't been measured in a few weeks (and at that time were measuring ahead) so I don't know how big our two are exactly, but I do know we had quite the growth spurt this week!

Baby Milestones:
Pip and Pop are getting bony this week as the soft cartilage changes to bone. They are also getting a stronger and thicker umbilical cord as they rely more and more on the placenta. Sweat glands are starting to develop along with increased little baby fat to help with temperature regulation after they are born. We have 50 days until viability (24w0d on November 8) and 141 days until their last possible (and most optimal) delivery date (37w0d on February 7).

Round ligament pain. Hunger like none other. (Four bowls of cereal for breakfast is totally normal. Right???) Headaches. Bloody noses. Not as bad since the bloody nose chemical attack, but still happening.

The chemical attack follow up seems to have made things worse. In fact, this mornings check-in with the ENT left me a bit nervous. He says my nasal membranes are too thin and blood volume is too high to try any other nose bleed fixes. I'm okay with that. I can live with some bleeding. BUT He also said too much blood volume puts me at risk and told me to call me OB. OB said not to worry and we'll do bloodwork next week at my appointment. I cant find anything online about too much blood volume when pregnant and without info and knowledge, I'm worrying!

How I'm Changing:
A lot more than I realized. From Thursday to Sunday this week, I grew a lot -- check out my funnily embarassing story.

What I'm Eating:
Who cares what I'm eating -- I'm finally interested in eating! I seem to have a huge preference for red meat. At the wedding on Saturday Casey chose the beef entree and I got the fish. I then ate most of his steak. Not sure where this love of red meat is coming from! Chicken still sounds awful. I am still forcing myself to drink a Gatorade every day.

Tylenol. It is the worlds most useless medication!

I'm sleeping better. I still wake up multiple times each night to pee, but I fall back asleep much faster than I used to.

I'm ready to be off pelvic rest! Sticking with the same answer as last week. Still feeling this way!

Belly Button Watch:
Feeling smug and victorious that I still have an Innie. Have I mentioned that Outies creep me out a little bit?

What I'm most excited about
I am really excited that we have made a crib decision and can't wait to finally have the room cleaned out so we can start making more nursery decisions! Once we learn Pip and Pop's sexes we can start really choosing bedding and other cute nursery things!

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