Sep 12, 2012

Week 16

Marination Time:
Baby Size:
The Bump and BabyCenter both say that in Week 16 Pip and Pop are the size of avocados (so apparently no guac for me this week!). For the boy perspective, His Boys Can Swim, tells Casey to think of Pip and Pop as little studs! Or at least as little stud finders.
Baby Milestones:
This weeks biggest baby milestone is that Pip and Pop can now hear! By birth, the babies will be able to recognize our voices as long as we talk to them frequently. We've considered buying a pair of BellyBuds, which are headphones for the pregnant belly. Much brain research indicates the positive brain effects of music in utero. Sadly, belly buds aren't cheap for an item you only use for a few months -- $50 on Amazon! I would love to hear about your experiences with Belly Buds!
Bloody noses. The end of bloody noses. Starting Braxton Hicks contractions. Headaches like you wouldn't believe (wake me up crying in the middle of the night style headaches).
How I'm Changing:
I'm apparently past the "is she fat" stage. Two people at Target asked when I was due this week! I was excited people can tell I'm pregnant, but that's an awful question to ever ask - what if you're wrong?!
What I'm Eating:
I'm still not eating a ton, but I am doing so much better than I was! I am doing really well at breakfast and lunch and okay at dinner. I'm still not dealing with hunger as much as I am force feeding myself, but at least I am now not grossed out that I am having to force feed every few hours.
Nothing too bad this week. I mean, I was annoyed with the ENT, but I don't think that goes in a pregnancy journal.
I am still sleeping a lot and am frequently tired. I wear out after a few hours of activity. Luckily, just laying down seems to help during the day. I no longer need a full nap.
I'm ready to be off pelvic rest!
Belly Button Watch:
It continues on as a line instead of a circle. Still an Innie!
What I'm most excited about
I am excited for this beautiful cooler weather. We went to the SMU home opener on Saturday and I can't wait to see our babies in little jerseys or little cheerleading skirts ready to cheer on the Mustangs! We walked around the Boulevard seeing all of the adorable babies and getting really excited!
We also walked around the Boulevard feeling really old. Instead of enjoying the fashion show (if you have never been to an SMU Boulevard it is all about fashion, dresses, and heels, not college ts) I kept looking at the young college girls wondering if their Fathers knew what they were wearing. The game was a white out giving all of the girls one last chance to show off the summer white dresses. But wow! No dress should be both sheer and short! Ever! No matter how great your legs are! And, with a white dress a girl needs to take some care choosing her undergarments. As I said, I felt old thinking these thoughts!
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