Sep 3, 2012

Week 15

Marination Time:
Baby Size:
The Bump says that in Week 15 Pip and Pop are the size of navel oranges weighing in at about about 2.5oz. BabyCenter agrees that they each weigh about 2.5oz, but uses an apple as the comparison fruit. For the boy perspective, His Boys Can Swim, tells Casey to think of Pip and Pop as baseballs. Go Rangers! We had an ultrasound this week and I wasn't a fast enough write to catch all of the measurements that were taken including head diameter, head circumference, and waist circumference. For each baby, these measurements were used to calculate the baby's weight and gestational age. Both babies weighed in at an estimated 3oz and at 14w0d measured 14w4d and 14w5d respectively. Pip and Pop are growing great! They both also had great heart rates at the appointment in the 150s.
Baby Milestones:
This week the babies will keep growing bigger and getting stronger. The babies are getting more are more proportional and now the legs are longer than the arms. The bones are working so get stronger and more supportive. They are also going to get even MORE active. I can't wait until I can feel them move! I've had a few odd sensations that may or may not have been movement, but I am really excited for all of this increased movement to be positively identifiable. Even though I can't feel it, it is exciting to know about the baby yoga class going on inside of me!

Bloody noses. So so many bloody noses. Tired. Nipples hurt. Never hungry. Cramping/Pelvic Pressure.
How I'm Changing:
I'm feeling a lot bigger than I did even a week ago. So far most of the size is centered at my waist and the scale has held steady since OHSS weight.
What I'm Eating:
I am still not doing well with the Dr. Barbara Luke method of eating for multiple gestation. I struggle to eat in normal quantities and have to force feed myself every two hours because I kow it is what the babies need since I don't eat much at a time. After meeting with my OB I am no longer as nervous about this. She said that since the babies are doing great and growing (and are even big for their gestational age!) this just isn't a concern right now.
I was starting to feel really annoyed by the frequency of the cramping and pelvic pressure I was feeling, but Dr. Halderman recommended a pregnancy support belt and that tiny strip of elastic fabric under my abdomen works miracles! Seriously amazing! I still get cramping and pressure, but no where near as often!
I am still tired a lot and wear out quickly from walking or activity. On a happier note though, two nights ago (Saturday night) I slept 9 hours straight without once waking up to use the potty. That is the best night of sleep I have had since June!
Lunch meat. It just isn't the same heated.
Belly Button Watch:
It continues on as a line instead of a circle. Still an Innie!
What I'm most excited about
As I said above, I am really excited to feel them move! I am also excited for fall: football season, chili season, boot season, State Fair season, etc. I really love fall. And football. #PonyUp
Me at 14w3d sporting my pony gear!
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