Sep 28, 2012

Twin Boy Nursery Mood Board

I titled this post nursery mood board, but it isn't going to really be one. Had we not lost home TV and Internet, it might have been, but from my iPad I can't make any changes to my Olioboard. So, this is really more a compilation of inspiration photos and if you follow me on pinterest, you've probably seen them all already! This is a rough idea of what we have in mind, but we very well might go to the Consignment Sale tomorrow and fall in something with totally not like this at all. We reserve that right!


We decided that with the lighting of the room that will be the nursery and our preferred house paint colors we would like to paint it a moody (but not too dark) gray. We are currently planning to use two nice masculine colors as our main colors: a dark blue (navy?) and a happy green (kelly?). Our hope is to emphasize one color for each boy in the room -- so one baby will have a blue sheet and a mostly blue mobile while the other has green sheets and a mostly green mobile. While we would like the bedding to match, we would ideally love to see the backs of the quilts reflect these two color codings as well.
We intend to use the green and blue scheme throughout life. While I don't want to be the Mom who overdoes it and always puts one child in green and the other in blue (I want them to be individuals and wear whatever color strikes their little fancies, not have a color be off limits because it already belongs to brother), I do intend to give one the blue lovie and one a green lovie, one a blue pacifier clip and one a green pacifier clip, one gets name labels with blue font, the other green, etc. In areas where separation is needed (or desired so I can know who to yell at for leaving their wet towel on the floor again) I will use a color per child. This will make life easier for me and them because we will all know who needs which shoes!
I will use an accent color in the room as well. I am leaning towards orange for the accent, but I'm open to red, yellow, or even having none if that is how the room ties together best. Both of my inspiration rooms (shown below) show yellow, but I think with our theme, orange might be better.


I have a husband who is OBSESSED with dinosaurs. I have absolutely no doubt that when we retire he will fulfill his lifelong dream of being a paleontologist and we will do one of those tourist trips where you get to go live in a tent and take part in a dig (Ugh. Me. In a tent. Ugh.)
In pre-school Casey read full (adult version) dinosaur encyclopedia. He knows A LOT of dinosaurs, even the obscure ones. Casey is assuming our kids will share his nerdy side (with me as their mom, it's a good guess) and is really looking forward to sharing his love of dinosaurs with our boys.
So, one of his only baby planning requests (made before our first Beta even) has been that if our baby (in this case babies) is a boy he wanted a dinosaur theme. Who am I to deny that kind of passion?
But, I prefer some of the clean lined graphic nurseries, so we are planning to combine a bit. We will find a very simple crib skirt and bumper (a neutral grey chevron maybe) with solid sheets (green on one, blue on the other), simple navy blackout curtains (we already own those!) and then bring in the dinos through art, accessories, and mobiles. If we can find a good modern dinosaur fabric, we might use it as an accent on the curtains and such. The fabric in the inspiration photo is actually safari, but it gives the idea.


Casey and I chose the Restoration Hardware Jameson Crib a few weeks ago and Casey and his dad will be building those. They are hoping to finish earlier, but realistically think it could be as long as end of November/beginning of December before they finish.
We are looking for a secondhand dresser on Craigslist to buy. We want something with plenty of clothing storage for two fellows and made of good solid wood construction. We are willing to sand and stain to match the cribs when we find the right piece. Since we have a stain color in mind for the cribs, it would be difficult to buy a new dresser that matches so we might as well save money and buy secondhand.
We have a glider and changing table from my sister (yay!) that we will use. The wood tone is the wrong color and looking rough from multiple kids beating on it so we plan to paint these to coordinate. We haven't decided if these will be a nice dark navy or a pop of accent color or a neutral blend in shade of grey. We'll decide as the room starts to come together.


After looking all over the Internet, I have found a number of things I really like for the room. Now it's just a matter of deciding which to buy! I found cute dinosaur art, pillows, rocking chairs, alphabet cards, mobiles, and wall decals. I found an idea for creating a name board. I found custom name letters with cute little dinosaur embellishments. I also love the idea of a library area in the nursery and would love to see a few dinosaur books on there!

Mood Board

Twin Boy Nursery

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