Sep 26, 2012

The Big Sex Reveal

We saw the MFM today and we have big news:
We're seeing blue....x2!
That's right! We have two big, healthy, baby boys!
The MFM measured their hearts, the 4 chambers, and the blood flow and said everything looked just fine. She measured their brains, the fluid inside, and size of the various nerves and said everything looked just fine. Pip and Pop are both still measuring ahead of their gestational age and everything looks great! We are really proud of strong little fellows and their great growth!
I already told our cute story about seeing them in our Week 18 Update, so if you missed it, check it out!
And now, the Cass Boys:

Baby A (Pip)

Baby B (Pop)

PositionHead DownHead Up (Breech)
LocationLower LeftUpper Right
Placenta Anterior
(in front of baby)
Posterior(behind baby)
Weight9oz (244g)8oz (230g)
Ultrasound Age (Gestational Age is 17w6d)18w3d 18w2d
Size Percentile77%60%