Sep 2, 2012


Today we are celebrating our sixth anniversary with none of the fanfare of our fancy 1st anniversary cooking school weekend in 2007 or our week in Napa for our fifth anniversary in 2011. None of the romance of our first celebration as homeowners for our second anniversary in 2008 when we bought a huge grill as our gift to each other and ate a candlelit grilled dinner using our china, crystal, and silver. No expensive jewelery like my first anniversary diamond studs or fifth anniversary right hand ring.

In fact, this year we aren't taking a trip. We aren't exchanging gifts. We don't have a fancy reservation. We didn't make it to the butcher shop to buy the perfect cut of lamb. In fact, we aren't even going to be together for most of the day.

But that doesn't change how much I love this man. It doesn't change that he is the perfect man for me and our babies.

Since starting to date in April 2003 and getting married in September 2006 or relationship was tested. Since our wedding, the trials and tests haven't stopped. But they haven't stopped us!

We have been through so much together from my dad's funeral in July 2003 after just 2.5 months of dating and my subsequent emotional breakdowns that entire fall semester. We survived Casey's decision to graduate college in three years for financial reasons and the pressures of him taking so many course hours at a time. We survived me working 100-120 hours week at in investment bank. We survived me quitting my job and taking a year to find myself. We survived my ankle surgery in 2008 and the months of bed rest and recovery that went with it. We survived my decision to return to school for my PhD. We survived Casey losing his job at a mutual fund in 2009 after the financial crash. We survived 6.5 months of unemployment living solely on my part time teaching income and savings. We survived Casey working full time while completing his MBA and CFA. We survived Casey's job frustrations. We survived infertility and the horrible stresses that puts on any marriage. We survived failed cycle after failed cycle. We survived my sobbing in the closet because I couldn't bare to see him comforting me again because I knew it was my fault. We survived failed medicated cycles and IUIs. We survived an inconsiderate doctor. We survived bad odds that seemed insurmountable.

The key is, we survived.

And even more importantly than just surviving, we have thrived together.

Marriage is worth the work. It is worth the effort. It is worth every challenge. It is worth every fight and argument. It is worth it because it means I will continue to face life's challenges with Casey at my side!

Six years later and I would marry him again in a second. Six years ago I married my best friend. We have been through so much together & are ready to face our next challenge together: parenting twins! I love Casey Cass more today than I ever have before and I know my love for him will continue to find new highs.

Happy anniversary my love! Here is to many many more!


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