Sep 16, 2012

Funny Story: Growing Babies

On Thursday afternoon Casey and I headed to New Jersey for the weekend (more on the trip in its own post!). We parked in a lot at the airport with my door (passenger side) right next to a pole.
I should paint this scene better. Casey pulled all the way into a parking spot and it just happened the passenger door was near a post. It wasn't a big deal and I barely even noticed.
We returned home tonight and headed to our car. I opened the door to get in, and it wasn't even funny. My growing belly and I couldn't even begin to fit in. I tried sucking it in and holding my breath. I tried squeezing. Nothing worked.
In 3 days I grew enough that Casey had to back the car out for me!
I guess now I have an explanation for the almost constant aching and stretching pains I've been having. The babies must have had a growth spurt!
Grow Pip! Grow Pop! Grow Babies Grow!

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