Sep 4, 2012

For my Husband in Year Seven

Two days ago, Casey and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary! Well, celebrated might be a strong word. Maybe recognized is better... Regardless, we are now in our seventh year of marriage, and I am committing this year to better pray for my husband. I've talked before on the blog about my prayer life and the things I am praying for. I've also talked about some of my difficulties with prayer. Well, I am, going to work to enhance my prayer life and be more intentional as I pray for my husband.
I pray for him as a husband, a son, a brother, and a soon to be father. I pray that God gives him the strength and wisdom to be the spiritual leader of our family and guide us through this broken world. I pray that we will be able to work together and raise Pip and Pop to be true Warriors for Christ.
I pray for him as a coworker and employee. I pray that he has the convictions of a true warrior and the courage of the righteous to be blessed by his work and act as a blessing to others. I pray that he has the patience of spirit to continue toiling daily for our family and the Lord while he waits for God's eternal and perfect timing.
I pray for him and all of his relationships. I pray that he will continue to surround himself by solid Christian men who raise him up. I pray that he will continue to act as beacon of love and work as a fisher of men in those relationships where his friends don't have an intimate knowledge of Christ.
I pray that in the midst of pressures and stress he always seeks the Lord first. I pray that he allows the Lord to continually recharge him and his spirit during times of toil.
I pray for my husband because I love him so dearly. He is an amazing husband, my perfect man, a loyal best friend, a compassionate listener, and already showing what a wonderful dad he is going to be. I pray that he will continue to be this man and act as the first example of a Father's love for Pip and Pop so that they can better understand the overwhelming love of The Heavenly Father when the time comes.
After six years of marriage, I understand him better and love him more than I ever have before. And I know that in my prayer life I need to be praying for him daily. What prayers do you offer for your significant other? How can you be better praying for people in your life? I'd love to read posts on this, so consider leaving a link in the comments.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! We hit 6yrs the day before starting stims for this IVF cycle... Super sexy and celebratory! Cheers to a fabulous year to come :)