Sep 10, 2012

Chemically Burning my Nose

I have been struggling to write this post because it's really pretty gross, so if bloody noses bother you as much as they bother Casey you should stop reading!
I have been getting bloody noses for the past few weeks. Like bad bloody noses. At my 14 week appointment I asked my OB about them and she said the 5-7 a day I was getting is normal. I apparently never mentioned they were lasting 30ish minutes fairly frequently.
On Labor Day, Casey and I were laying in bed enjoying a lazy morning when my nose started bleeding again. And it wouldn't stop. Tissue after bloody tissue and still no stopping. After 50 minutes I contacted my OB. It finally stopped bleeding after 85 minutes. Seriously 85 minutes of aggressive heavy bleeding! My OB referred me to an ENT.
I totally forgot to call my ENT on Tuesday. Oops. Wednesday afternoon I called and they wanted me to come in the same day. Apparently, 30 minute nose bleeds aren't normal. Over an hour is really not normal. Sadly, they only had one appointment open and it was during a meeting I already had at church.
So, Thursday I went naively and trustingly into my ENTs office.
I met with the nurse and went over all my symptoms.
The doctor came in and put the numbing stuff in my nose so he could use his camera.
The doctor used his camera and said it looked like I had an open and enlarged blood vessel. He kept talking and grabbed another tool from his drawer.
The doctor just kept talking to me about pregnancy and if I was excited about twins. No mention of what was about to occur.
Did I mention I had no warning?
All of a sudden, it wasn't a camera in my nose and it HURT. He was chemically burning my nose. On purpose. I'll say it again in case you missed it. The ENT intentionally shoved chemicals up my nose to burn it.
Apparently this is what the cauterize word in the message from my OB meant.
They cauterize the blood vessel to stop it from being able to bleed.
I walked out to my car in pretty severe pain. It felt like I had been punched in the nose and my head had rebounded off a metal pole. I was hurting. The ENT said this was to be expected. Normally after cauterizing he prescribes strong painkillers and an antihistamine to clear it all out.


  1. awe... Hope it helps and you stop getting them though! I used to get them a lot as a kid, and would ask my mom a lot to get that done. (My grandma had done it) but never did. Luckily I rarely get them now. Hope you feel better soon!