Sep 18, 2012


Thursday night Casey and I joined my mom, sister, and brother and made the trek to New Jersey for the weekend. My family took an uneventful flight on American Airlines. Casey and I took advantage of all his Southwest miles and our companion pass so flew separately.
On Thursday afternoon, there were storms in Dallas and in Houston (our connection city) and our 3:30 flight to Houston was delayed until 4:45. Casey got the call from Southwest at 1:00. Due to his status, Southwest was amazing getting us re-booked on the 3:00 flight. We high-tailed it to the airport to make the flight!
When we arrived, the 3:00 flight was showing delayed until 4:30 and the 3:30 flight delayed until 5 something. We settled in at the airport and just hoped our flight from Houston to Newark would be delayed as well.
Around 3:00 we learned that the 3:30 had gotten another plane out of the hangar and would be leaving on time. Casey immediately got on the phone with A-List Preferred Customer Service at Southwest to try and get us re-booked back to our original flight. Sadly, it was too close to take off time so she couldn't help us and said go to the customer service desk.
With a line of nearly 50 to speak to the gate agent, there was no way that would happen before take off,so we decided to just go sit and wait. So much for the 3:30 flight!
We took two seats which happened to be near the boarding agent for the 3:30 flight. While we were sitting, we overheard him ask another Southwest employee if they could open up seating on that flight to anyone with a boarding pass since it had so many empty seats. She told him they could let people on for 6 minutes but the flight had to leave on time. You better believe we hopped out of our seat and make it to the boarding agent even before they could make an announcement. I have clue how, but we got onto the 3:30 flight!!
Who has ever heard of that? An open call for anyone with a boarding pass to get on the plane and they'd deal with getting everyone booked correctly after the plane took off?!?!
We made it to Houston in time to catch our connecting flight to Newark (which was only delayed by about 10 minutes so its a good thing we made it!)
When we arrived in Newark we were pleased to discover that our luggage had made it too! How amazing. Love Southwest!!
We took the shuttle to the car rental agency to pick up the stylish minivan we rented to fit 5 adults plus luggage. The minivan Hertz gave us smelled like smoke! It was awful! But they were really great about getting us into another vehicle (a Chevy Tahoe) and even throwing in free GPS for our trouble.
Casey and I waited at Newark about an hour for the rest of the family to land and then began the drive to Ocean Grove, NJ. We arrived about 1:30AM. It was a really long day!!

Friday morning we walked through Ocean Grove to Main Street for breakfast and a stroll along the Boardwalk.
Boardwalk View
View from the Ocean Grove Boardwalk
Davies Bench
No visit to the Boardwalk is complete without stopping by the bench dedicated to my Nana and Poppop.
Bench Plaque
A closer view of the plaque.
Then, we enjoyed a lazy afternoon sitting around chatting and playing canasta before heading to the Rehearsal Dinner. It was great getting to meet my cousin's fiancee, Amy, in person! She is even sweeter in person than on Facebook. The rehearsal dinner was delicious and I seemed to finally have some of my appetite back: I ate two pieces of bread, salad, half of my steak, broccoli and potatoes! I forgot to save room for dessert though. Too bad - the creme brulee looked really good. Friday wasn't a particularly eventful day, but it certainly was a good day!

On Saturday we enjoyed another lazy Ocean Grove style morning and walked to Main Street for breakfast again. We walked to the beach and put our toes in the water and then wandered the quaint streets of town and saw Tent City and the beautiful Victorian houses in town.
That night we witnessed the beautiful nuptials of Rob and Amy and one incredible reception, complete with a choreographed first dance! I don't think I have ever been to a wedding with so many details addressed. The bathrooms had large baskets of extra supplies in case guests needed them, the table cards doubled as picture frames for the photo booth, the parent dances were accompanied by slide shows of Rob and Amy's childhoods, etc. It was meticulously planned and so much fun!
Rob and Amy saying vows.
It started with a cocktail hour as guests arrived and mingled. At 6:30 guests were invited to the balcony for the wedding ceremony.
First kiss as Mr. and Mrs.
The Newlyweds!
Afterwards, their was another cocktail hour, this time complete with more food than I can describe. Their was a carving station with steak flank and pork, a macaroni and cheese bar, a sushi bar (that even included vegetarian and cooked sushi options), a fruit, cheese, and meat display, a chinese station, etc. There were also foods being passed by waiters if you didn't want to walk to a serving station. I have been to many weddings that had less total food than this wedding served during cocktails.
Then came the dances. First, the couples first dance (seriously - take the time to watch this video! So good!) Then Amy with her Dad and Rob with his mom (my Aunt).

We still had a full sit down dinner after all of that! I went with my go to order, the fish option while Casey got the steak (who's surprised!). It's a good thing Casey wasn't hungry because my fish was delicious but once it came out what I really wanted was red meat! I ate most of his steak! Forget the appetizer, sides, or dessert bar (did I not mention a FULL dessert bad with probably 50 dessert options including a waffle bar, a chocolate fountain, cupcakes, pastries, puddings, etc?) all I want to eat is red meat!
We also had fun in the photo booth:
My Mom with my Dad's cousin (Aunt Joyce)
Casey and I being silly.
We also took a Davies women's photo with my mom, Aunt Ellen, sister, cousin, and I, but I didn't snap a photo of that strip at the reception and I'm not sure who took that strip home! I'll have to ask around and see if I can get it to share. Good memories!!
It was such a gorgeous wedding and I am so glad we were able to go celebrate with our family.

On Sunday we headed to Easton, PA (just across the river from Phillipsburg, NJ) and had lunch at my Dad's favorite pizza place, Colonial Pizza. The pizza is phenomenal but made upside down - ti goes crust, then cheese, and then sauce on top! After lunch we stopped at a park in Easton to attend a family reunion for my Dad's family. I was four when we moved away from New Jersey so don't know very many people in my Dad's family, but it was really really great to meet and greet them in such a casual setting right along the river. We had a really great time!

Sadly, it all had to come to an end and we had to leave the reunion early to head for the airport. We had an amazing weekend, but man did it wear me out! I spent Monday trying to catch up on sleep! Rory wasn't upset the weekend ended. She spent the weekend at the Vet so she could get her teeth cleaned and looked at. She came home with a sad looking shaved leg where the IV went in! Poor girl.

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