Oct 12, 2012

Buying all of the Things: BabyWearing

Along with these two new wonderful additions that will be joining our family in 2013 (we hope!) come a lot of things! It's amazing just how much stuff such tiny little people will need. In this series, I am going to walk you through our decisions as we are making them. We will talk cars, cribs, DSLR cameras, strollers, and other registry items.
Keeping with my indecision from this post (buying all the things: car seats and strollers), we aren't registered for just one baby carrier. We aren't even registered for just two. To see our full registries, look here (and feel free to leave me feedback - are we missing something you couldn't live without? Do you absolutely love something you see?).

Newborn Carrier

We are registered for two different newborn carriers, the BabaSling by Joovy is not your typical ring sling. It is designed to hold kids up to two years old, but I have heard mixed review on baby wearing a child that heavy. One factor that at least makes it possible to wear a heavier baby (up to 33lbs!) is that the strap is padded so it (theoretically) wont dig into my shoulder. Unlike many ring slings, it has a pocket that helps hold the baby more securely and a quick release buckle so you don't have to try and untangle the baby if they are asleep. In a word, the BabaSling is easy.
The Baby K'Tan is also not your typical sling because it goes over both shoulders to better distribute the weight. Reviews say the K'Tan is really easy to use because it is all fabric with no buckles, snaps, or rings to worry about. Unlike a wrap carrier, their are no pieces to be wrapped or dealt with although it is a wrap style. It is easy to put on yourself and designed to fit preemies! (Not many of the carriers are!) The drawback to the K'Tan is that they are sold by size. Hopefully Casey and I can both fit into the same size - otherwise this isn't so useful.

Baby Carrier

For when the babies get older, we put the Ergo Carrier on our registry. Unlike many backpack style carriers, the Ergo doesn't allow the babies legs to just dangle down which can lead to hip dysplasia. I'm not sure I buy into the whole Baby Bjorn carriers are awful and will ruin your kids hips argument, but since we don't own any carrier why not get one that doesn't run the risk. The other thing I really like about the Ergo is that it can be worn both front or back depending on the age and preferences of the baby. The baby always faces the parents, in line with the recommendations of most pediatricians so they can see mom or dad for comfort, facial expressions, social cues, and so they are not being overwhelmed by excess stimuli. The Ergo can also be used forever! While it recommended up to 45lbs, it has been tested up to 90lbs. I'm not sure I am physically capable of strapping a 90lb kid to my back (or why anyone would ever want to!) but it does bring confidence that you could carry a toddler in it.
We have already received an Infantino child carrier and so figure if we get one of these three of the registry then we will have two babywearing carriers and we'll be in great shape!

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