Sep 17, 2012

Attacking My Nose

Today I went into the ENT for a follow-up appointment. I've only had four brief nose bleeds since he cauterized 10 days ago, so I was thinking this would be a brief check-in. I thought that sounded like success.
Boy was I wrong!
The doctor started by numbing and looking up my nose. He said that I have a sinus infection and wants me on an antibiotic. I'm not feeling congested or sick and my temperature at the beginning of the appointment was lower than normal (97.9), so no fever. I have taken an antibiotic (amoxicillin) once during this pregnancy when I had an ear infection. However, I feel uncomfortable taking one for this without giving my body time to fight first. Medicines aren't good for babies are they? I have a message into my OB about this so we'll see. Maybe I'm overreacting.
Then, he looked at the nasal membranes and wasn't impressed. Apparently we disagree with 4 nose bleeds in 10 days being an okay number.
He surprise attacked again. With no warning, he cauterized again!
More chemicals up my nose.
More burning.
More pain.
Seriously, the ENT is not my friend. Every tool he has is an instrument of torture!!
So, after my torture session, I left the office for the short drive home.
As I was driving, I started feeling drips on my lips and upper chest. I looked down and I was bleeding! Through the medicated cotton ball the ENT left in my nose, blood was dripping on my (thankfully black) shirt!
I made a U-turn and headed back to his office.
Basically the ENT said my nasal membranes are so thin and so unhappy that this second cauterization may also not have worked. He put a differently medicated cotton ball up my nose and said to leave it in for a minimum of 12 hours - and as much after that as I can stand. With this in my nose, I can't drink for 1 hour (until 5:30) and can't eat for three hours (until 7:30).
I am uncomfortable, unhappy, and in pain. Again. And this time it is probably for nothing.
Seriously, the ENT needs to quit attacking my nose. He is not my friend!

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