Aug 23, 2012

Week 13

Marination Time:
Late again -- Posting in Week 14 at 13w0d (oops!)

Baby Size:
The Bump says that over the course of week 13 the babies will grow to be peaches. For the male readers, His Boys Can Swim tells Casey to think of Pip and Pop growing to the size of a the gas cap on the car.  It also makes a not so nice joke about pregnancy gas.... BabyCenter says that they are medium shrimp.  Reminds me of my childhood when my Dad used to call me shrimp and sing "shrimp boats is a comin'".

Baby Milestones:
Pip and Pop's are no longer all head! This week their little bodies are working to catch up. The heads are now only a third the size of the bodies.  They are also forming vocal cords (they don't cry yet though), teeth, and fingerprints!

Bloody noses. Tired.  More bloody noses.  Still tired.  More bloody noses (seriously, as many as five in day!). Lightheaded/Dizzy.

How I'm Changing:
I apparently now look pregnant.  Awkward conversation at a baby store this week:
          Saleswoman: Have you registered here at Buy, Buy, Baby with us?
          Me: No.  I'm not far enough long to have registered yet.  I'm just starting to think about baby things.
          Saleswoman: How far along are you? Wait no let me guess..
          Me: umm..please...
          Saleswoman: You have to be at least 25-26 weeks? Due in October or November right?
          Me: Umm...No.  I'm 12.5 weeks. It's twins though.

          **Cue awkwardness**

What I'm Eating:
The toddler eating continues.  Hot dog cut into mac and cheese? Delicious! PB&J? For sure.  Fluffer nutter? Why thank you.  Healthy salad? No way.  I'm still pretty anti-chicken.  I tried a chicken flauta at a Mexican restaurant and it tasted awful.  I smelled chicken salad at my Mom's and almost lost my lunch.  I have tried to cut back the Gatorade, but the first day I didn't drink any (still was super heavy on water to stop dehydration though) I noticed I was swollen and puffy again.  It was particularly noticeable in my upper abdomen.  Apparently I still need Gatorade in my life.

Bloody noses.  They can attack at any time.  Anywhere. And get on anything.  So so gross.

Constantly. Getting more uncomfortable when I lay down again.  That might be because I spent three nights this week at Mom's house instead of my own bed.  Had to escape the aerial mosquito spraying just in case!

I cheated and drank a decaf hot black tea this week.  I'm not supposed to do the decaf products until week 14.  Oops.

Belly Button Watch:
Innie.  But I think it will eventually turn.  It's a line not a circle.

What I'm most excited about:
I started looking at baby things this week and seriously thinking about furniture, a nursery, strollers, video monitors, etc.  Letting myself feel excited about all of those things makes it feel much more real that in a few months (168 days at the most!) I will be holding two beautiful babies!

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