Aug 14, 2012

Week 12

Marination Time:
Baby Size:

The Bump says that over the course of week 12 the babies will grow to be plums, while BabyCenter compares the size to a lime (which is the fruit The Bump used last week). For the male readers, His Boys Can Swim tells Casey to think of Pip and Pop growing to the size of a small tape measure.

Baby Milestones:
Pip and Pop's major systems are almost all complete! Now they start into a stage of growth and maturation.  They are also working on reflex development and while I don't think I feel them (a few times I've thought I was being tickled from the inside but I'm not really sure it's them) they are busy moving and if I poke my uterus they would wriggle in response.
EXHAUSTED. Cramping. Aching stomach. Bloated. Pain from stretching (called round ligament pain according to my tweeps). Bloody noses. Fluid in ear. Bigger boobs. Lightheaded/Dizzy. Queasiness.
How I'm Changing:
I am noticeably bigger than I have been, but it still not noticeably pregnant.  I'm sure many folks look at me and think I need to lay off the Oreos. I swear I have only eaten Oreos once since the nausea went away.
What I'm Eating:
I'm still heavy on the Gatorade and loving Jalapenos.  I'm not as anti-chicken as I was.  I am now able to eat it (in select instances), although the smell is still awful. It still can't be cooked in my house though. I've also noticed that my taste buds have regressed to toddlerhood. I've always loved PB&Js and PB&Bs and that hasn't changed. But now let's add hot dogs (organic, all-beef, nitrate free) to the list.  For lunch one day this week I found myself cutting a hot dog up into my (whole wheat) mac and cheese.  Toddler eating!
Bed rest. Spotting. Cramping. Worrying.
Nothing this week. Just happy to be pregnant!
Belly Button Watch:
What I'm most excited about:
I still can't stop watching the videos we posted last week.  I love seeing Pip and Pop wriggle around and know that they are healthy and thriving.  Despite all of the bad things my body is doing to threaten them, they are doing great!  Some uterine bleeding and monsterous ovaries and cysts aren't slowing them down at all!  They are just happily growing along!

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