Aug 2, 2012

Week 10

Marination Time:
I'm a bit behind getting this update posted - blame vacation! I did take a "belly shot" during week 10 though. I started to take the photo, and Casey jumped in with his "two." He is so ridiculously excited! I love it! This photo is from 9w5d.

Baby Size:

The Bump says that over the course of week 10 the babies will grow to be a prune (isn't that a pretty image!) while BabyCenter compares the size to a kumquat (I've never actually seen a kumquat so this comparison isn't so helpful!).  For the male readers, the author of His Boys Can Swim put together a man-friendly baby size comparison, so Casey is thinking of Pip and Pop growing to the size of the  head of a hammer this week.  At our measurement on 8w6d both babies measured slightly ahead of schedule at 9w0d (2.31cm) and 9w1d (2.46cm).  Way to go little overachievers!  They achieved the 9 week milestone of little green olives like champs!

Baby Milestones:
This week bones and cartiledge are forming and small indentations indicate where knees and ankles will go. The elbows have finished developing and the arms can already flex (although they are only about size of this number 1!). This week the babies will also start developing teeth under their little gums.  If either baby is a boy, this is the week his little body would start to produce testosterone.

EXHAUSTED. Bloody noses. Sore boobs. Lightheaded/Dizzy. Aching stomach. Sharp pains in left ovary region. Queasiness.

How I'm Changing:
I am feeling some hardness inside all of the belliness, which is "the babies home."

What I'm Eating:
Gatorade. Gatorade. More Gatorade. Peanut butter. Almonds. Chocolate covered almonds. Milk. Cheese. Guacamole. Fish. No chicken.

Bed rest. Cramping. Fear. Nerves. OHSS. SCH. Drinking Gatorade. Boredom. Crazy ovary pain.


Hot tea.  I would even be happy with a cup of decaf hot tea!

Belly Button Watch:

What I'm most excited about:
We saw them wriggling around and moving at our last appointment! I am also excited to have traded in bed rest for "beach chair rest".  Vacation sure is nice!

Now, this is my bed rest view! I'm also spending every morning in a lounge chair outside. Of course, my overprotective husband is very concerned about my core body temperature every time I step outside, so afternoons are spent indoors. In Casey's defense, the doctor was also concerned about keeping my core temperature down.

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