Aug 13, 2012

To Doppler or Not?

I think I am going to buy a Doppler. I worry I will regret this choice and become even more neurotic if I only find one heartbeat instead of two, but after this past weekend, I think I need the comfort!

This next paragraph may be a bit TMI -- feel free to skip it:
I am now on day four of spotting. None of the days have been heavy flow at all (just a bit of fresh, red blood when I wipe). I have had heavier bleeding days in this pregnancy. But I have never gone this many days in a row. It started Friday afternoon and is still going today. The logical part of my brain knows that this small amount of blood doesn't mean anything. The emotional part is struggling with this going on for so many days.

So this post is a request for suggestions. Who has a doppler they recommend? Did you buy one and love it? Hate it? Rent one? Decide not to get one with a compelling reason I should consider? I want to hear all of your Doppler experiences!


  1. Hi, I have been following your blog for a little while now. I am 10w5d pregnant with twins. On a whim I bought a sonoline-b doppler 3mhz when I made it to nine weeks. I found one heartbeat immediately and that was enough to calm my nerves. After a few days when we got more comfortable using the doppler we found both heartbeats. I would definitely recommend one!

  2. I did not get a Doppler. The way I looked at it, if I didn't find a HB at any point I would have freaked out but would have no control over the situation as far as fixing things if there was a problem. It was actually better for my psyche to have blind faith that they were in there, which was supported by my growing belly, until I was far enough along that I could feel them. I know how hard it can be to find babies early on and for me it would have just caused excess worry!