Aug 28, 2012

Scary Things Happen on the Internet: My Craigslist Experience

All morning I have been getting weird emails from guys. Things like: 

  • Some guy is posting your picture on CL and got me curious. Anyways, if you're open to meeting new friends and all, send me back a message and we can get to know one another. I'm 29 years old, attractive and pretty fit. Hope to hear from you.
  • Hey I would love to show you a good time. !!!!
  • I dont care about ur past. Call me (phone number then included)
  • Wow u r hot. Lets hang!!!
  • Why are we being warned to stay away from you on Craiglist? What did you do?
just to show a few. I finally responded to one of these emails. They were all coming from real email addresses not spambots and I was starting to get really uncomfortable. 

None of the messages said anything threatening, but it was very disconcerting that they knew my name and email address. I was feeling violated and nervous, so I decided to email one of the guys back and try to see what was going on.

The guy I responded to was actually really sweet and sent me the link to the Craigslist ad that was showing my email address.

I am obviously not a 21 year old girl in Sacramento. I've never lived in Las Vegas. And that photo is clearly not of me. But, how scary that a guy can post your name and contact information on a webpage with no repercussions.

I love shopping on Craigslist and we have found some great deals on it, but today served as a reminder to me that scary stuff happens on the Internet!

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