Aug 14, 2012

Date Night and Bump Pics

Tonight Casey and I headed out to Fearing's for dinner and an amazing date. The food was, as always, delicious. And, because it was part of KRLD Restaurant Week, our meals included a $7 donation to The North Texas Food Bank. I enjoyed a "mocktail" while Casey had his wine while we enjoyed four delicious courses:

1) I got a duo with watermelon gazpacho with a tamale. I've never had watermelon gazpacho and really enjoyed it, but the portion was huge! The tamale was also bigger than I could eat, but delicious. Sadly, the slaw on top of the tamale had cold seafood in it and I've become so scared of listeriosis that I didn't eat it. Casey got the street tacos. This appetizer portion was big enough to be an entire meal!
2) We added an extra course to our meal off of the regular menu. We really love the crispy oysters (don't worry -- they are fully cooked!) and order them every chance we get! Highly recommend!!
3) I chose the beef tenderloin and it was delicious. Casey ordered the trout and neither of us were impressed by it. Sadly, this pregnant lady can't eat much at a sitting so didn't enjoy the main course as much as I wanted to.
4) The dessert trio included vanilla pudding with a blueberry topping, a chocolate tart topped with ridiculous whipped cream, and a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream on a cookie crust. AMAZING!

All in all, I think it was a successful date! We talked. We laughed. We talked work. We talked jobs. We talked friends. We talked babies. But we didn't talk pregnancy. It was a no stress kind of conversation! I truly love my husband! I have no idea how I got so lucky to find the perfect man for me at such a young age (started dating at 18 and married at 21) but tonight was a great reminder of why he is the perfect life partner!

I struggled to find an outfit that was nice enough for Fearing's and still fit. I think I somewhat succeeded! This is the bump at 11w5d!

Finally just for laughs:

Casey and I are going to a wedding on Saturday and I don't have anything appropriate to wear. I ventured to Pickles and Ice Cream yesterday to try some things on and thought the fake bellies in the fitting room were hilarious!

I couldn't resist trying the creepy foam stomach on -- so here is me at 11w4d without and then with the creepy belly!

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  1. You look beautiful for date night! Glad it was so awesome with your amazing hubby! Ahh..that fake belly is funny, if only it worked that way! I have only seen a handful of pg women with bellies like that!